Clique Boys in Sierra Leone Attack Family of 24yrs old Asylee 

Andrew Aiah Kaikai

By Augustine Sensie Bangura Jr

Following an awkward incident of attack around March, 2018 on Andrew Aiah Kaikai, resident in Freetown who is now seeking asylum in Finland, by some group of clique boys over a dispute they had about two years ago, it has been reported to this media that the said clique boys who tagged themselves as “Red Hunters” have persistently been making further attacks on family members of the said Asylee.

Talking to one of our reporters, Sahr Kaikai, elder brother of the Asylee said that it was sometime in March 2017, when a group of some clique boys made an attack on the life of his younger brother, Andrew Aiah Kaikai at the Siaka Stevens Stadium in Freetown at around 21:00hrs. He further noted that Andrew was beaten mercilessly to the point of death and sustained several injuries.

He went on to explain that the matter was reported to the Police whiles Andrew was issued medical paper to seek medical treatment.

A little over a month, they made another attack on Andrew who attended a program in Makeni over the weekend. The matter was further brought to the attention of the Panlap Police Division stationed in Makeni but till date little or no efforts were made by the Division to bring the alleged perpetrators to face the full force of the law.

Fearing for his life after the second attack, Andrew had to flew out of the country based on advice from close relatives.

Since his departure, there was some calmness from the side of the clique boys until sometimes in June this year, when the elder brother of Aiah A. Kaikai was approached by the clique boys with threaten remarks to disclose the whereabout of his brother or else they will alternate him as the sacrificial lamb for what they refer to as  “the sins of his brother”. It was for the same reason he fleed the country over a year ago.

Expounded on what sins his younger brother committed, Sahr Kaikai revealed to this media that during the March 2017 attack on the Asylee while he was been chased by the clique boys, one of the clique members precipitated and fell into a drainage which was by then under ongoing construction thus sustaining serious injuries which later resulted to his death after been hospitalised for some days at the hospital.

He added that since that awkward incidence occurred, the clique boys resorted to revenge on the life of the Asylee which caused the second attack on his life in Makeni but was rescued by some groups of other young guys who went together to club that night in Makeni at the Garden State Complex.

On the 7th of this month, another attack was made, this time at the former Beach Road residence of the Asylee but only met the brother of the Asylee who watch over the place. It is suspected that their attack may be drawn from suspicion that the Asylee is back because the asylee’s brother return to the country not long ago, since they had no clue or knowledge over his whereabout.

This continuous threat and attacks from the clique group has caused so much panic in the family and the Police have stood up their grounds and have brought two of the alleged clique boys to book, while helping with further investigations.






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