Police Mounts Man-Hunt for Escaped Mohamed Kargbo

Mohamed kargbo

By Abdul Rahman Kamara

Investigation conducted by this medium into the declaration of the police of Mohamed kargbo of 4 Scotland street Freetown as a wanted person on allegation of murder according to the police on the 31st May 2019 Mohamed kargbo was brought to the police station by some irate community youths after been tortured as they acused him of killing their stakeholders and father who is an imam in their community mosques it was understood that one umar kargbo witnessed the fight and had made statement to the police.

In his statement to the police he said that a brawl ensured between the suspect Mohamed kargbo and the deceased at the latter’s Scotland street residence Freetown which later led to the death of their father it was further disclosed that acused Mohamed kargbo after heavy tortured was bleeding and complaining of pain in the chest and ribs as a result whilst in the police custody he was taken to the hospital where he was admitted and responding to treatment after being in the said hospital for some days the suspect absconded from the hospital by jumping through the toilet window of the hospital toilet where he had gone on the pretext that he was going to attend to nature.

The police further stated that on the day the suspect escaped they were supposed to collect him from the hospital as he was said to be fit to be interrogated and if possible charged to court. Engaging family members of the deceased at their Scotland street residence in Freetown. They stressed that an altercation took place between their father and Mohamed which started in the house and later ended in the veranda they maintained that when they came out to calm things down they saw the deceased down the stairs leading from from the veranda to the compound in a pool of blood as he was bleeding all over.

They then said that they took hold of Mohamed and took him to the police station. They expressed regret that Mohamed had escaped from the police custody but vowed to find him and will make him pay for the death of their father. However one unisa.

A close confidant of Mohamed told this medium that the suspect had lost his parents at an early age and was in the care of his uncle. He further that the suspect is Christian and has killed their imam. He revealed that Mohamed had intimated him that his uncle being a senior member of a poro secret society was hiding his true identity as a member of that society he was using the going for frequent prayers to deceived the community residents due to his position in the mosque.

He continued to narrate that Mohamed informed him that his uncle  (Deceased) was prevailing on him to take his father’s leadership position in a society known as poro in their home town up in the province’s. A decision that Mohamed rejected out-rightly. Claiming that his faith as a Christian forbids him from taking part in any such secret society. As their initiation  rituals were described as demonic.

Unisa further disclosed that this inherent struggle had existed between both people. Creating a kind of cold war. it was against this backdrop that when Mohamed refused to attend a Friday prayer with his uncle and his subsequent discovery that Mohamed was about to attend a Christian bible study on the same Friday that a fracas ensured .other eye witnessed say that they saw Mohamed being beaten by his uncle and observed the struggle on the veranda.  In which they maintained.

The uncle missed his step and tumbled down the flight of steps hitting his head several times and ending up the bottom of the stairs in a pool of blood apparently lifeless . Sources at the hospital confirmed that Mohamed kargbo was brought to the hospital in the custody of police and that during his period of recuperation.  There was a police officer deployed there to monitor and report improvements to his condition.

They further maintained that on one fateful day in the evening Mohamed told them that he was goind to the toilet to ease him self he did not return and after waiting for a while.  They then checked the toilet to find out that he had escaped through a broken window at the back of the hospital. As we go to press the whereabouts of Mohamed kargbo is still not known and the police have put out a warrant for his arrest.


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