Ramesco General Supplies Donates Ultra-Modern Digital Ex-Ray Machine to 34 Military Hospital

By Amin Kef (Ranger)

Ramesco General Supplies on the 14th June, 2023 donated a brand new ultra-modern radiographic digital X-Ray machine, with related accessories, to the Joint Military Unit of the 34 Military Hospital during a snap but auspicious ceremony that was held at the hospital premises.

Present at the handing over ceremony were, Daklalah Antar, representing Ramesco General Supplies,  Col. Rtd Muana Massaquoi Deputy Minister of Defense, Deputy Secretary to the Director General for the Ministry of Defence B.S Macfoy, Senior and Junior military personnel and the Press.

Captain Kandeh B. Kargbo, Head of Public Health and Training, who chaired the ceremony, stated that in the next 45 minutes all will witness the handing over of a brand new digital X-Ray Machine to the Joint Medical Unit of the 34 Military Hospital at Wilberforce and welcomed all.

The Commanding Officer of the Joint Medical Unit for the 34 Military Hospital,  Col. Dr Stephen Sevallie, in his statement, highlighted that it is not uncommon for the military to convene such  an event furthering how Senior Management of the 34 Military Hospital prioritized having an X-Ray Machine to enhance their diagnostic capacity adding that they are extremely grateful to Ramesco General Supplies for their timely intervention in availing the hospital a Digital X-Ray Machine also mentioning that the relationship between the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Military Forces and Ramesco General Supplies spans over two decades, even before he enlisted in the Military, anchoring that the two entities are development partners.

Col. Dr Stephen Sevallie underscored that the X-Ray machine came at the right time when the diagnostic unit of the hospital has an ultra-sound modern centre of excellence, when the hospital is expanding from a 600 to a 1,500 bed facility and when training opportunities are emerging. He appreciated the efforts made by the Deputy Minister of Health in making the donation become a reality.

On his part, the Director General of Defence,  B.S Macfoi, extended gratitude to the donor revealing how Ramesco General Supplies has been a supplier to the Military for a very long period of time and they wholeheartedly accept the donation as part of the business’s entity Corporate Social Responsibility of their business entity and urged other entities to meaningfully support the Military adding that the machine will be used for its intended purpose further thanking all those, who in one way or the other, made the donation a possibility.

Deputy Minister of Defence, Muana Brima Massaquoi, apologized for the absence of the Minister saying he is attending to another equally important assignment and expressed delight for his presence, by deputizing him, in such a significant event.

He said the Joint Military Unit is the backbone of the 34 Military Hospital maintaining that the gesture by the business entity does not come as a surprise because of the long standing relationship that has existed between the two entities. He also expressed profound thanks and appreciation to Ramesco General Supplies for driving services under tough conditions and expressed optimism that with the new digital X-Ray Machine there will be an enhancement of efficient delivery of health services adding how the highly sophisticated Ex-ray machine will improve their diagnostic capacity and contribute in catapulting the hospital to a Level 4 Military Hospital.

According to him, for the past three years, the Government has invested hugely maintaining that such is evident in the new infrastructure that the military has recently commissioned and the training opportunities so far offered to deserving military personnel.


He maintained that all these recent developments will put the 34 Military Hospital at an enviable position in terms of health service delivery further assuring that the donated machine will be judiciously used for the intended purposes.

He thanked the Military for the invaluable services that they are rolling out and cautioned them to utilize the machine judiciously.

The representative of  Ramesco General Supplies, Daklala Antar, said it is with great pride and gratitude that he stands before all to speak about the donation of a crucial medical machine to the dedicated armed forces of Sierra Leone.

He pointed out that the Armed Forces play pivotal roles in safe guarding the nation, protecting citizens and ensuring peace and security.

Antar furthered that their selfless dedication, sacrifice and unwavering commitment to duty deserve their utmost respect and support and  as a gesture of appreciation for their invaluable service and as part of their pursuit to ensure the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by their company, aside the longstanding relationship built with the Ministry of Defence for the past decades, they at Ramesco General Supplies  decided to contribute and donate the Digital X-Ray Machine  to aid the 34 Military Hospital  healthcare capabilities.

He underscored how the donation is a testament to their belief in the importance of providing the armed forces with the tool they need to excel in their roles.

“The ultra-modern radiographic system with related accessories we have chosen to donate will significantly enhance their ability to provide essential medical care to our brave soldiers,” he expressed hope adding how it is essential to acknowledge the unique challenges faced by the armed forces in their line of duty.

He also expressed profound gratitude to the armed forces for their unparallel service saying it is an honor to contribute to their healthcare capabilities by donating the machine.

“Let us remember that their well-being is intertwined with the security and prosperity of our nation and through collective efforts all can assure they receive the care and support they deserve,” he concluded.

The highpoint of the commissioning programme was an inspection of the digital X-Ray Machine that was donated by Ramesco General Supplies. However, before that, during the course of the programme, a symbolic demonstration of the presentation of the digital Ex-Ray Machine was done.



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