Vice-Chancellor of University of Sierra Leone Caught in Crossfire and Attacked

By Amin Kef (Ranger)

On Sunday November 26, 2023, the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Sierra Leone, Brigadier General (Prof) Foday Sahr, found himself caught in the crossfire as he left his home in an alarming incident that left him and his entourage shaken.

The Vice-Chancellor, who was on his way to catch a Seabird to Lungi for an overseas trip, was reportedly attacked and his vehicle was severely damaged. He and his companions were subjected to a harrowing ordeal when they were accosted by assailants.

During the incident, the Vice-Chancellor was manhandled, and his vehicle was ramshackled. His driver and security personnel also fell victim to the attack, being beaten and stripped by the perpetrators.

Fortunately, the Vice-Chancellor’s life was spared due to the intervention of a few other gunmen who recognized him as a Medical Doctor at 34 Military Hospital. These individuals had been treated by the Vice-Chancellor for free in the past, prompting them to come to his aid during the assault.

The attackers held the Vice-Chancellor captive inside his vehicle for an agonizing period of over two hours before eventually departing and heading towards Cockerill. However, in a further unfortunate turn of events, as none of the assailants were able to operate the vehicle, they opted to inflict further damage upon it.

The incident has sent shockwaves through the community and raised concerns about the safety and security of prominent figures in Sierra Leone. Authorities are actively investigating the attack, and efforts are being made to ensure the protection of individuals in positions of public prominence.



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