11 Mosques Benefit from Mercury International Staff & Retailers Charitable Foundation Zakat

By Amin Kef Sesay

Mercury International Staff and Retailers Charitable Foundation have supplied 11 community mosques with food items to help cushion the burden on those who can’t afford a meal to break their fast as Muslims continue to observe the Holy month of Ramadan with fasting and prayers.

With over Ten million Leones of food items distributed at the Company’s headquarter on Krootown Road, Mercury International Chief of Staff, Ms Dawn Cummings-John, explained that the company is always supporting Muslims around the country during and after the month of Ramadan.

She said: “This is a blessed month, a month the Mercury International Staff and Retailers Charitable Foundation cannot just let go without reaching out to all the Mosques within the Company’s main operational area. The donation of these food items today is our way of sharing the love of the Holy month of Ramadan with you.”

The Mercury International PR Manager, Alhaji Komba, in his brief statement said the donation was made possible through the Mercury International Staff and Retailers Charitable Foundation-a Foundation which includes staff members and retailers.

He said, in Islam, a zakat is a form of almsgiving and a religious obligation which, by the Quranic ranking, is next after prayer in importance, the more reason the Foundation highly consider the Muslims in this holy month.

“Ramadan is a special month of blessing and alms giving, and the gesture today is Mercury International special way to give back to our Muslim brothers and sisters around this community as our own way of support as you go through the blessed month,” he said.

The Mercury International IT Manager, Nader Saad, before doing the symbolic handing over of the food items, said because Mercury International Staff and Retailers Charitable Foundation consider the month of Ramadan as a special month, the more reason the company decided to give its support in a special way to the Muslims.

One of the beneficiaries, who received the items on behalf of his Jamaat, Alusine Kamara of Light of Islam Mosque, Kingtom, thanked Mercury International for remembering them in the Holy month and prayed that they blossom as a company. He said the items are well appreciated and would be distributed for the intended purpose.

Masjid Khuba, Masjid Hamdalaye, Light of Islam Roberts Street, Masjid Tawbah, Masjid Mahmoud, Masjid Sabireen, Masjid Mujahedeen, Light of Islam Kingtom, Al Haq, Masjid Alminya, Masjid Almumin are the Mosques that benefitted from the Mercury International Staff and Retailers Charitable Foundation.

The Foundation has recently reached out with a similar donation to the King George’s Home, Grafton, the St Mary’s Fatima Interim Child Care Center, Peninsular, Number 2 River, and the physically challenged at the Cotton Tree.

Amongst the donated items were 11 Bags of rice, 11 Gallons of cooking oil, bags of salt, cartons of tin tomatoes, Ovaltine, carton of milk, pure water etc.

The Mercury International Staff and Retailers Charitable Foundation delegation included the PR Manager, Alhaji Komba, IT Manager, Nader Saad, Deputy Public Relations Manager, Sahr Morris Jr, and Website and Social Media Operator, Yanshim Ibrahim Yansaneh.


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