2023 Elections: EU Chief Observer Discloses Preliminary Findings to the Press

By Amin Kef (Ranger)

On voting day, the 24th June, 2023, the European Union’s Chief Observer for Sierra Leone, Evin Incir, and the Press had an engagement at SOS Hermamanei on Beach Road in Freetown and Collegiate Secondary School in Freetown during which she updated the Press in relation to preliminary observations of the electoral process and further dilated on the role of the Mission in the conduct of the Presidential, Parliamentary and Municipal Elections to be very fair, free and transparent.

While acknowledging some initial delays across various parts of the country, Incir, but affirmed that she remains confident that the delays would be addressed and the voting process would continue smoothly.

“For now we have observed some delays in most parts of the country but we will provide you with further updates as time goes by,” she disclosed also highlighting the commitment to keeping the public informed.

She emphasized the importance of every eligible Sierra Leonean exercising their democratic rights by participating in the electoral process.

Head of the Mission informed that as voting has started in the country they have a presence in all the sixteen districts in the country further disclosing how Observers forming the European Union Observation Mission (EU EOM) were long deployed on two occasions to all the sixteen districts of Sierra Leone where it is expected that they will primarily observe opening, voting and counting of the ballots as well as the tabulation of the results.

During a second Press briefing at the Colligate Secondary school in the afternoon, she commended all Sierra Leoneans and ECSL staff for their commitment towards enhancing democracy in the country affirming that despite the delay in the commencement of the polls, voting is ongoing in most areas of the country. She assured the public that voting is now underway in most areas of the nation.

She further encouraged voters to continue their peaceful and orderly conduct throughout the electoral process.

The Chief Electoral Observer said the mission’s mandate is to observe all aspects of the electoral process and assess the extent to which the elections comply with the country’s laws as with regional and international standards as well as the commitments the country had made regarding democratic elections,” Evin Incir stated and assured of intermittent updates to members of the public through the Press.



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