6 Housemates to Dash for the Star Prize

After Sunday 14th April 2019 the Housemates Salone Competition will become an event of the past as it is on that date the grand finale will take place. The last die will be cast and the successful winner of the Le100, 000,000 will obviously emerge.
Wednesday 10th April 2019 was another sad moment for the four unfortunate Housemates who were evicted during a tense event which commenced at 9:00 pm after public voting ended at 8:00 pm. It was an emotional experience to see these evicted Housemates sobbing, shaking and even those who survived doing same, sympathizing with them. Regardless of their unfortunate situation there was no other alternative but to accept their fate. Currently there are now only six (6) Housemates remaining in the House and voting will still continue.
The ball is now in the court of the judges who will have to quantify the cumulative votes of each of the finalists that will be announced during the breath taking, auspicious and prestigious finale event that will have to take place on Sunday 14th April 2019 which will be graced by the crème de la crème and other people from all walks of life.
The Housemates have been really doing their individual best to capture the attention of members of the public to get their votes but as it now stands it will be said only luck, prayers and past performances will see anyone of them through.
There is indeed no iota of doubt that to a certain extent the Housemates gained from various forms of empowerment platforms. They were taken through various theoretical and physical activities which obviously could have impact on their personalities and change them to become useful citizens in society. Some of them now know how to cook, sing, socialize, speak publicly and definitely the relationships that have built could be lasting.
The organizers of the 2019 Housemates Salone Contest, Africa Young Voices (AYV) Empire and Africell have both made their mark in staging such a spectacular TV Reality show. Both have once more demonstrated the strong commitment to provide a platform to unlock and tap the potentials of young talents across the country.
Ambassador Anthony Junior Navo, Chief Executive Officer of AYV is held in high esteem for continuing to raise the bar high for the youth from all walks of life. Incontestably, he is an icon in his own right which is why he continues to bag prestigious awards in and out of the country.
Africell has been one of the leading telecommunications companies in the country that has been supporting youthful initiatives and it is poised to continue in that direction.
On Sunday all roads will lead to the venue where the grand finale will take place and it is going to be BIG. Many will miss the baritone voice of Chief, the unseen instructor.
Good luck to all the finalists.


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