Afrimoney & Conex Enter Partnership to Activate Cashless Fuel Transactions

By Foday Moriba Conteh

As the world continues to embrace technological advancement of which Sierra Leone is not an exception, Afrimoney has remained dedicated to provide innovative and user-friendly solutions that empower individuals, transform financial transactions and contribute to the nation’s progress as well as enhance financial inclusion for all.

In a significant move to empower commercial drivers and vehicle owners by enabling them to use the Afrimoney service for purchasing petroleum products at all Conex facilities nationwide, Afrimoney has on Friday 11th August, 2023 joined forces with Conex Energy Sierra Leone Ltd to launch the Afrimoney-Conex Energy Sierra Leone Limited Partnership.

The partnership between Afrimoney Sierra Leone and Conex Energy which was launched at the Conex Filling Station in Jui, Western Rural District marked a significant step forward in revolutionizing how Sierra Leoneans purchase petroleum products. Through this collaboration, Afrimoney subscribers can now use their mobile wallets *161*4 to conveniently and securely pay for diesel, petrol, and other petroleum items at Conex facilities across the country.

In his inaugural address, the Director of Afrimoney, Martison Obeng-Agyei highlighted the substantial advantages of this collaboration. He emphasized that Afrimoney subscribers can now seamlessly buy diesel, petrol, and other petroleum items through their Afrimoney wallet. Obeng-Agyei pointed out that the global trend is towards digital banking, and Sierra Leone is not exempt from this evolution.

He said gone are the days when drivers and vehicle owners had to carry substantial amounts of cash for fuel purchases, making them vulnerable to theft and robbery. “In this era, all you need is your money stored in your mobile wallet to facilitate swift and secure transactions,” he asserted.

Obeng-Agyei further stressed that Sierra Leoneans should embrace the convenience and safety of Afrimoney, as it eliminates the need for carrying large sums of physical cash and mitigates the risks associated with it.

The Managing Director of Conex Energy SL Ltd, Avrajit Kar, revealed that the partnership enables Afrimoney subscribers to procure petroleum products across all Conex facilities in the country using the Afrimoney service.

Kar lauded the collaboration with Afrimoney as a progressive step towards advancing mobile banking in the petroleum sector. Drawing from his experience in India, he highlighted how digital money has transformed transactions, minimizing reliance on hard cash.

He expressed optimism that the partnership with Afrimoney will flourish and lead to a heightened adoption of mobile money services, known for their enhanced security and convenience.

The Chief Corporate Officer, at Africell Joe Abass Bangura, outlined Afrimoney’s mission to transition the nation from physical cash to e-cash, ultimately revolutionizing financial transactions, emphasizing that the global shift towards digital banking is inevitable, and Sierra Leone should align with this global trend.

The collaboration garnered the attention of media representatives, Africell and Conex Energy SL Ltd. staff members, signaling the potential transformative impact of this initiative on Sierra Leone’s financial landscape.


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