All Hands Together For Hon. Tawa Conteh

Honourable Ibrahim Tawa Conteh

By Amin Kef Sesay

Maybe never before in our living memory have we had a people’s representative as critical of the party he belongs to than Hon. Tawa Conteh of Constituency 132.

Truly, we believe that in the democratic spirit of transparency and accountability by all public officials, be it the presidency, ministers and other public officials, Hon. Tawa Conteh has shown to the entire nation that we do not have to be hypocrites to the truth and to our conscience.

As the situation stands, Hon. Tawa Conterh has incurred the wrath of certain members and supporters of his party, the governing Sierra Leone People’s Party, for daring to voice out loudly what in the old days, political persecution is tantamount to: Heresy. The nearest that his party has come to declaring him a heretic is the National Publicity Secretary posting on his facebook page that Hon. Tawa deserves to be questioned by SLPP authorities for anti-party behavior in parliament.

However, many of us who believe that it is lack of sincerity by our government, parliament and public officials over the past decades that led to the total collapse of the nation’s moral and ethical values and standards that seriously eroded the effectiveness and efficiency of all our public institutions, including parliament, stand solidly with Hon. Tawa and encourage him to: “Go!!! Go!!! Hon. Tawa, go!!!” ‘Nor tire’!!!



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