Alleged Two Police Saboteurs Arrested at State House

In an unpalatable development two Police Officers deployed at State House were arrested on the grounds of circulating a sensitive outcry on the Social Media regarded to be very inciting.
The Sierra Leone Police have therefore opened an investigation into alleged corruption and welfare complaints by State House secret services and bodyguards. According to Police Head of Media, Brima Kamara, they received a complaint in an audio recording claiming, “Presidential guards are not okay” with regards to their welfare.
“The Sierra Leone Police (SLP) has established beyond all reasonable doubt that the audio recording making the rounds is the handiwork of a few police officers who are bent on smearing the good image of the office of the presidency,” Brima Kamara said. Police officers, on condition of anonymity, allege that they are paid a meager Le70,000 as Daily Service Allowance (DSA) which is often not paid on time. “Our boss, AIG William Fayia Sellu, is not addressing our welfare concerns at State House,” they claimed.
They also accused some senior Police Officers of corruption and soliciting bribes for deployments at State House. “We have arrested two police officers and investigations are ongoing,” Kamara added. Police officers have been arrested and placed under formal investigation by the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) with the view to determining the veracity of all the claims highlighted in the audio recording and also finding out what precipitated the release of the audio to the public.
The Media and Public Relations Unit stated that want to reiterate that the SLP is a disciplined institution with well-established communication channels and redress mechanisms, which guide, direct, and address complaints emanating from personnel within the Force. Brima Kamara assured the public that all allegations of sabotage and corruption referred to in the audio recording are false and a misrepresentation of what obtained at the office of the presidency. Information from other police officers indicate dissatisfaction among other units of Police, who say they have legitimate complaints.
Some officers mentioned a tribal connection also afflicts State House security operations. “Issues raised in the audio will also be equally investigated,” Brima Kamara concluded. According to a senior official at State House they are currently conducting an internal investigation and President Bio has been briefed on the issue. Some state security bodyguards disclosed that it’s better and rewarding to work at the Office of the First Lady Fatima Bio than State House.


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