APC’s Hon. Mohamed Bangura Defends His Parliamentary Role

As El-Hajj KB Bangura Pleads for Unity…

By Amin Kef (Ranger)

In a recent Africa Young Voices (AYV) television interview on September 25, 2023, Hon. Mohamed Bangura, a Member of Parliament (MP) representing a Constituency in the Karene District under the All People’s Congress (APC) banner, offered a staunch defense of his representation in Parliament, shedding light on the political turmoil within the party and asserting his commitment to serving the interests of his constituents.

Bangura, one of two APC MPs who defied the party’s leadership’s calls to boycott governance in protest of election result disputes, faced criticism from party supporters who labeled him a betrayer. However, he remained resolute in his stance, emphasizing that his actions were within the bounds of legality and aligned with the mandate of his constituents.

The MP addressed concerns about the legality of his representation, emphasizing the supremacy of the 1991 Constitution over party constitutions. “I am talking about the 1991 Constitution, which is supreme over the APC and the SLPP. So I don’t worry about the APC Constitution or the SLPP Constitution; I worry about the 1991 Constitution,” he stated firmly.

When Parliament reconvened, Bangura found himself as the sole opposition MP in the House, a position that earned him the role of Minority Leader.

Meanwhile, within the APC, prominent party member El-Hajj KB Bangura issued a passionate plea for unity, stressing that unity within the party is not merely a preference but a crucial necessity for the nation’s future well-being.

El-Hajj KB Bangura, an accomplished figure with academic credentials in economics, addressed the aftermath of the party’s recent primary elections, which exposed deep divisions among its ranks. He explained the significance of primary elections in the democratic process, highlighting how they allow parties to nominate candidates for upcoming general elections and appoint leaders.

The recent primary election within the APC was marked by intense competition and factionalism, revealing internal discord that has weakened the party’s standing within Sierra Leonean politics.

Emphasizing the pressing challenges facing Sierra Leone, including poverty, corruption, deficient infrastructure, and limited access to education and healthcare, El-Hajj KB Bangura argued that the APC must prioritize unity. He called on the party’s leadership to facilitate dialogue and reconciliation, ensuring that every member feels valued and integral to the party’s mission.

To regain popular support and challenge the current political paradigm, Bangura urged the APC to focus on issues that resonate with the masses. He advocated for the establishment of a comprehensive national agenda that encompasses the interests of all citizens and promotes inclusivity.

Transparent communication of the party’s vision and policies, Bangura believes, is essential for rebuilding trust among members and the general public. He concluded by underscoring the critical necessity of unity within the APC, stating that it is the path to a prosperous and inclusive Sierra Leone.

In light of these developments, the APC finds itself at a crossroads, with the choices of unity and discord determining its future trajectory within Sierra Leonean politics. The call for unity from within the party echoes the need for a cohesive vision and purpose in addressing the nation’s pressing challenges.


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