As it Introduces 2 New Products… Kings Production Committed to Offer the Best of Carbonated Beverages 

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By Amin Kef – Ranger

The well established and leading manufacturer of carbonated beverages in the country, Kings Production, has once more demonstrated that it is dynamic and innovative in its chain of production with the primary objective of offering members of the public the best of soft drinks for personal consumption, retailing by business entities and occasions or events.

Being so steadfast in its production line, Kings Production has introduced two new products in the market. The two new products are Tamarind and Commando. Tamarind and Commando are both produced in Cans and Plastic Bottles. The high quality of the aforementioned products cannot be overemphasized as it has been rated by many whom this medium talked with as very good. Besides, the products are not only accessible but also affordable which the average person could easily part with.

In an exclusive interview with this medium, the Human Resources Officer of Kings Production, Edward Solomon, disclosed that the company was founded in 2006 by Khalil Hijazi with the sole aim of producing carbonated beverages making its purchase affordable and accessible to the average Sierra Leonean.

He explained how they have grown steadily over the years graduating from a mere PET Line (Plastics) to a modernized automated Canning Line, adding that their products include Apple Cedar Can and Plastic bottle, Mega Cola Can and Plastic bottle, Squeeze Can and Plastic bottle, Tip Top Can and Plastic bottle, Mega Malt Can and Plastic bottle, etc.

Edward Solomon revealed that the company currently has a workforce of one hundred and forty-one (141) full time employees maintaining how their employees are their greatest asset and they are therefore afforded appropriate development throughout their employment.

Dilating on the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility, he said sometime in the past, the company held a disclosure with the community stakeholders during which time they identified the kind of support that the c in terms of development. He further revealed that the company started by offering scholarships to deserving students residing within the community.

He added that access to water was a challenge for residents of the community. He said to address such the company deemed it fit to position 2 Milla Water Tanks in the community which is currently supplying water to residents of the community.

Edward Solomon furthered by revealing how the company also constructed drainages within the community which, according to him, have helped in the  prevention of  flash floods that do occur in the raining season due to the former poor drainages.

The Human Resources Officer also spoke proudly of how the company, over the years, has created job opportunities for residents, having seasonal and permanent staff. He informed that the company gives priority to people living within the community when it comes to employment.

“When you think of the high rate of youth unemployment in the country then you will see how hugely the company is contributing to poverty alleviation in the country,” he added with a big smile on his face.

He ended by calling on all to patronize with Kings Production underscoring how their products are standardized and of high quality .

One of the Company’s Secretaries, Fatma Nancy Kamara, highly commended the company for the tremendous work they have been doing over the years and for making their products affordable as well as accessible to the average Sierra Leonean across the country.

She maintained that since when she became an employee of the company in 2006 she has gained a lot of support from it continuing to praise Management for its conviction and application of staff empowerment as the company avails them appropriate development channels throughout their employment in the company.

On his part, the Company Clerk, Mohamed Saidu Kamara, described Kings Production’s intervention vis-a-vis community development as a laudable venture geared towards the fulfillment of its Corporate Social Responsibility.

Also commenting on the positioning of the 2 Milla Water Tanks and the construction of the drainages within the community, the Company Clerk also stated that those developments contributed tremendously towards the growth of the community, adding that in the past residents were challenged to access clean drinking water but said with the intervention of the company such became a thing of the past.

During a conducted tour of the Kings Production facility and operational areas, it was observed that the equipment used in the production line are quite in very good working conditions, that workers on operations were putting on safety wears and the entire factory was in proper order with workers seen grossly engaged in executing their chores.

The company’s two latest drinks are now available on the market. From what this medium learned was that indeed Kings Production is here to stay for real; not the flight-by-night kind of investment that quickly vanishes in thin air.


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