As Kobi Walker Bags Best CEO of 2020… NP-SL Bags 6 Prestigious Awards & Installs Helix T-Media Calibrated Pumping Machine

Chief Executive Officer NP-SL, Kobi Walker, awarded as the Best Chief Executive Officer of the Year 2020

By Amin Kef Sesay

In recognition of its outstanding dedication and passion for excellent service delivery in the country, the National Petroleum Sierra Leone Limited (NP-SL Ltd), which is the main importer and marketer of high quality petroleum products in the country, was the proud recipient of six (6) different Awards.

On the 18th December, 2020 the Chief Executive Officer NP-SL, Kobi Walker, was awarded as the Best Chief Executive Officer of the Year during the Diaspora Focus National Achievements Award 2020.

He was given the award for demonstrating exemplary leadership and for taking the company to higher heights.

Also, Kobi Walker was also recognized as one of 100 outstanding Sierra Leoneans at the Sierra Ovation Award team on the 10th December 2020.

Prior to that, the Human Resources & Admin Manager of NP-SL, Mrs Georgiana Williams as well as Saidu Mansaray of the same company and who happens to be the Finance Manager were also honored as one of the Top 100 Rising Stars and Emerging Leaders of the year 2019/2020 by the Sierra Ovation Awards.

The other award that NP-SL received was a meritorious award from NASSIT for Compliance to the Social Scheme. The event took place on Friday 11th December 2020 at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Aberdeen in Freetown during the annual NASSIT Employer Banquet and Award Ceremony.

The final award came on the 12th December, 2020 and it was dished out by the Vimetco Holdings Bauxite Mining Company, Gundama, in Sierra Leone for the company’s outstanding performance as well as for rendering assistance to the mining company when they were facing financial constraints particularly in 2013.

The mining company dished out the award on Saturday 12th December, 2020, when the Management and Staff were joined by stakeholders such as Paramount Chiefs, Parliamentarians, Council Chairmen, Councilors, community representatives etc to celebrate the company’s 10th Year Anniversary.

Receiving the award from Vimetco, Sales Manager of NP-SL, Vandy Bockarie, extended appreciation to the entity for bestowing the recognition on the charismatic and result oriented Chief Executive Officer of NP-SL.

He assured that NP-SL will continue to enhance the bilateral relationship between the two companies, adding that they are not only in the country to market their products but to also serve as a pillar of strength to other companies that are in dire need of assistance in order to sustain their operations.

He also disclosed that during those times when Vimetco was grappling with financial constraints to effectively operate it was NP-SL that was there for them and if for that they decided to reward NP-SL as a company then it is a way of expressing gratitude.

While celebrating its 10th year anniversary during which the award was dished out to NP-SL, Vimetco’s General Manager, Basudeb Datta, in his keynote address, stated that such a great gathering showed that the country and people, particularly the communities in which the mining company is operating do appreciate their good work. For that reason, the General Manager noted, they are very much pleased and happy with the working environment and the people.

On his part, the Leader of C4C in Parliament, Hon. Emerson Lamina, who also doubles as Chairman of the Mines Committee in Parliament congratulated Vimetco on their 10th Anniversary. Hon. Lamina commended the company for meeting all their obligations in the country and also in the three districts and five chiefdoms they are operating. He said Vimetco stands tall among other mining companies in the country for complying with their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Community Development Agreement (CDA).

The program was also witnessed by the Resident Minister South, Mohamed K. Alie, Chairman Bonthe District Council, Chairman Moyamba District Council and the Paramount Chief of Dasse Chiefdom, Moyamba District.

Climaxing the event was dishing out award of certificates to long serving employees and business partners.

Many that this medium engaged to comment on NP-SL’s wining of the aforementioned awards opined that indeed the members of staff awarded and the company in particular deserve such recognitions based on competency, efficient service delivery and for selflessness.

Some reiterated that it did not come as any surprise to them that NP-SL was honoured to receive the three covetous awards in a row because they are of the firm conviction that the company is indeed a successful indigenous business entity which most can boast of especially when consideration is given of the fact that this entity has stood the test of time weathering challenges that may have led to its downfall.

In another development, NP-SL has also installed the latest Helix T-Media calibrated pumping machine at its Siaka Stevens filling station. This Helix T-Media calibrated pumping machine seemingly works as an advertisement gadget. Its difference with the former or normal calibrated pumping machine is that it has a television screen which displays all the products that NP has for sale.

It avails customers the opportunity to have a thorough knowledge of what the company is offering for sale.  It therefore enables customers to tap into a much wider pool of the company’s products like NP-SL Gas, NP Smart, Castrol Oil etc among a host of others.

Speaking to this medium, one of the operators of the Helix T-Media calibrated pumping machine, Margret Daloma, disclosed that NP-SL is the first Petroleum Company operating in this country to have introduced it, adding that with this new machine, customers can now see a display of the various products available at NP-SL filing stations while purchasing their fuel at their convenience.

“There are certain customers we wouldn’t be able to reach out to with our products without leveraging a powerful aggregated source of customer behavior display like Helix T Media. We have seen dramatic improvement in purchasing of our products since the installation of this machine at our filling station and it has become an integral part of our audience targeting strategy,” she revealed.

Vimetco Holdings Bauxite Mining Company, Gundama, Sierra Leone Awarded NP-SL for the company’s outstanding performance

Human Resources of NP-SL, Mrs Georgiana Williams honored as one of the Top 100 Rising Stars and Emerging Leaders of the year 2019/2020 by the Sierra Ovation Awards

NP-SL received a meritorious award from NASSIT for Compliance to the Social Scheme
Chief Executive Officer NP-SL, Kobi Walker, awarded as the Best Chief Executive Officer of the Year 2020
Newly installed Helix T-Media calibrated pumping machine


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