AYV & MultiChoice Africa Poise to Update the Press on its Linkage to DStv

By Amin Kef Sesay

On the 17th September 2021 the Management of the African Young Voices Media (AYV) Limited, in collaboration with MultiChoice Africa will be hosting a Press Conference and a media tour for the historic launching event of the AYV Channel on DStv. The time is 5.00pm and the venue is the AYV Amphitheater.

It should be noted that besides Nigeria and Ghana, Sierra Leone will become the third country in the West African sub-region to attain such a prestigious opportunity to showcase the country’s rich culture and creative talents on the DStv platform with close to 20 million subscribers across the continent.

The forthcoming Press Conference is intended to officially inform the Press of the AYV Channel on DStv project and to give the Press an exclusive tour of set/production areas already being built.

It must be underscored that the Africa Young Voices (AYV) media empire will go down the annals of broadcasting history in this country as the first news medium in this country that has established a link with DStv Africa. For now AYV programs are now been watched via DSTV Africa Channel 399.

As a result of the materialization of this remarkable feat AYV is  live in thirty (30) countries across Africa for now and there are twenty four countries to be brought abroad. All the West African countries are now connected apart from Ghana and Nigeria of which plans are underway for them to be brought onboard later but importantly it must be stated that other African countries are now on.

This new development is indeed a big boost in the sense that it has now made it possible for the country to gain another presence within the international broadcasting landscape. Sierra Leoneans living abroad will be abreast with current events taking place in the country.

The big brain behind this great leap in Sierra Leone’s broadcasting history is no less a person than the patriot, the savvy entrepreneur and development oriented personality, Ambassador Anthony Navo Jr who happens to be the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the African Young Voices Media Empire. Many have described him as the embodiment of inspiration.

His ambition to establish the AYV Media Empire started as a dream. He started with a newspaper and later used his private house as collateral to secure a loan of $1.2 million United States dollars from the Bank loan which provided the necessary funds for the purchasing of global standard equipment for setting up the television and radio stations and covering initial operations.

Today AYV Television has a presence in London and Management is committed to make further inroads within the broadcasting landscape both locally and internationally.


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