Big Brother 2019 to be a Big Fun

As AYV & Africell putting final touches…

For the first time in history, Sierra Leone will host a Big Brother 2019 TV Reality Show, an entertainment programme coming in the wake of the Big Sister TV Reality Show that turned out to be highly successful, according to what many attested. Of course, the country- wide auditions went on well and they were very interesting as some of the contestants left viewers laughing their sides out because of the funny ways they responded to questions, some out of ignorance ,nervousness and others comically. Others captivated brilliance by responding intelligently to the questions posed by the Judges having a blind girl in one of the provincial towns who really held viewers spellbound. Those interesting aspects of the auditions have now whetted the appetite of fans or viewers to really see how their favorite would-be housemates, who would finally make it to the House on 14 February 2019, Valentine’s Day, where they will battle for the ultimate prize of One Hundred Million Leones (Le 100,000,000), will cleverly display their God-given talents.
It is interesting to note that after the end of the auditions in various parts of the country the Judges shortlisted 40 contestants setting the stage for another phase where the public were given the opportunity to vote via Africell Toll Number 5500, which is totally free, for 20 out of the aforementioned shortlisted names (10 male & 10 female) to enter the House. What is so ironical about Big Brother as opposed to Big Sister is the fact the former is going to be a combination of male and female housemates were as Big Sister was exclusively a female event.
Preparations are intensely ongoing progressively and steadily by the organizers of this upcoming TV Reality Show, Africa Young Voices (AYV) and Africell as final touches are being put in place to ensure that the event turns out to be a success story.
The Calabash learnt, from various interviews conducted and discussions monitored in different quarters that Sierra Leoneans in-country and overseas, who are fortunate to tune in to AYV Television will stay glued to their TV sets to watch the series of performances by the housemates who are expected to impressively display their natural talents in different ways to fit into the stipulated criteria that the Judges will be looking forward to in order to making their assessments.
Big Brother is also going to be an elimination contest where what will determine a housemate to remain in the House is the number of votes he or she scoops from viewers or fans who will be voting via an Africell number. However, for each day a housemate stays in the House he or she is entitled to the sum of One Hundred Thousand Leones (Le100, 000).
It is expected that with the successful organization of two outstanding TV Reality shows such will really put Sierra Leone high on the international entertainment stage and showcase the country’s young talents.
Against that backdrop, a foreign diplomat commended the organizers for taking the bold steps in rolling out the two events Big Sister and Big Brother.


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