British-Lebanese On The Prowl

    Lebanese-British citizen, Adnan Antar

    By Amin Kef 

    This medium would like to bring to the attention of the British community that one of their citizens is sullying the good image of British civility and decorum in Sierra Leone by launching what is nothing short of a concentrated campaign of calumny against the entire Lebanese community resident in Sierra Leone.

    Adnan Antar, a British-Lebanese resident in Britain, has resorted to broadcasting via social media and his facebook page inciting messages against prominent well respected members of the Lebanese community in Sierra Leone that has become a matter of great concern to both the Lebanese community, whose image of being very law abiding residents, is being presented by Adnan Antar in a very bad light, and the Sierra Leone government maintains that Adnan Antar is breaking the law.

    Adnan Antar has launched an unprovoked and very vicious attack on very prominent Lebanese contributors to the Sierra Leone community, namely:The President of the Lebanese community in Sierra Leone, Samir Hassaniyeh, Musa Antar, Faisal Basma, Hussein Jaward, Samir Hashim, Ibrahim Antar, Hassan Kabala, Oussama Zayyat, Sheik Tejan Sillah (Imam of Central Mosque), Faisal Antar and the Lebanese Ambassador, to name but a few.

    Adnan Antar has been broadcasting inflammatory voice and video messages when the Lebanese Community was evacuated via a chartered aircraft, alleging that they want to fleece them of their monies.

    Adnan Antar’s behaviour has been described as that of an extremist bent on sowing the seeds of discord among and blackmailing the Lebanese community in Sierra Leone. He has been analysed as an abuser of women, whose hate of Lebanese in Sierra Leone is pathological.

    Social media is awash with his past proclivities in using very caustic and unprintable adjectives against people and getting away with it.

    Lebanese have described him as a shame and disgrace to them, as he daily uses unprintable words and invectives against his own brothers and sisters. He has become nothing but a nuisance that the British authorities need to caution, based on his unethical voice and video messages that reek of hate and xenophobia.

    The premise of this attention drawn publication is for the British authorities to be aware that posting hate messages on social media is an offense by law, which Adnan Antar, as a British citizen, is doing with reckless abandon and impunity.

    Disgracefully, Adnan Antar, has also been raining unimaginable abuses against the wife of Samir Hanssanyeh, Mariam Bittar, with all kinds of unprintable language.

    This medium holds no brief for the Lebanese community in Sierra Leone, but only wants the British authorities not to be insensitive to an unscrupulous Adnan Antar’s antics to pull down others purely based on hate and malice.

    Adnan Antar’s outrageously immoral utterances against targeted members of the Lebanese community deserve the attention of the British authorities.


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