By Sending IB3 SMS to short code 2713 via Africell… NP-SL May Emerge a Proud 2019 AWOL Award Winner


By Amin Kef Sesay

As voting is seriously in progress for this year’s National Achievements Awards to be staged by the All Walks of Life (AWOL) organisation expectations are running high. One of the leading entities that have been nominated for this covetous award is the renowned National Petroleum Sierra Leone Limited (NP-SL-Ltd) for being a leading indigenous company. On the 29th December 2019 the Bintumani International Centre will be the centre of attraction as awards will be dished out to personalities and institutions whom members of the public voted for as worthy of being recognized.

From all what we have gathered so far it seems as if NP is the much talked about nominee in the category of ‘best indigenous’ that many are predicting will emerge victorious. According to what was also learnt people are voting for the company by sending IB3 SMS to short code 2713 via Africell. Trying to find out the plausible reason why this widespread public perception what came out glaringly is that NP-SL is a very vibrant petroleum company that is operating in this country, churning qualitative service delivery it is not possible not to mention the name of the National Petroleum-Sierra Leone Limited.

Many see the company as one that is growing doggedly from strength to strength ensuring that it is vibrant, alive and kicking. Surprisingly, for many it is no mean accomplishment more so when cognisance is taken of the fact that it is a one hundred percent indigenously-owned company that has stood the test of time, weathering various stormy challenges within a competitive business landscape.

It came out that anothing for which NP has been widely hailed is for its no-nonsense stance on raising high the bar of maximizing customer care. As a matter of fact, customer care forms a cardinal core of the company and it is sustainably maintaining it because as far as NP Management is concerned it matters greatly to them. That is why the company operates an open door policy, encouraging serious customers to dialogue and negotiate business terms with them so that at the end of the day they will reach an agreeable position on a win-win platform. Through this caring and prudent managerial competence, the company continues to grow by leaps and bounds as evident in its routine opening of new filling stations across the country with one in the Koinadugu District recently.

Furthermore, some stated how the NP Management encourages private and public entities to enter into business arrangements that are practically viable. This entrepreneurial move continues to re-position the company to become more formidable and successful.

Little wonder why NP-SL has been able to open branches in four West African countries, namely Guinea, Liberia, The Gambia and Ivory Coast where the company is exceptionally and competitively doing well just as it is doing here. It ensures that in all those places, local indigenes are employed creating the feel of ownership of NP by the citizenry in those countries. This shrewd business strategy epitomizes how the company is deepening the Local Content Policy which places premium on ensuring that indigenous personnel talents and skills are utilized.

What this simply means is that instead of allowing so-called foreign expatriates to take monies out of the country, such monies can definitely remain within the country thereby positively impacting on the economies of the host countries. It also helps in reducing poverty among the populace as citizens are offered the opportunity to be gainfully employed and capacitated.

To make the purchase of their petroleum products easily and timely possible the company in recent past introduced the use of NP Smart Cards which could be used to buy various products as long as they contain the requisite amounts of money to effect such purchases.

“Since it was introduced, I find it convenient to use it just like using my bank ATM card because it is not always that I have cash on me,” Karim Koroma, a lawyer frankly intimated this medium, adding that it has never failed him.

Sia Matturi has this to say, “I have been using NP Gas for a considerable period of time now and I find it suitable for cooking as it is quick and dependable. I am no longer exposed to the hazards of using charcoal or wood and I will advise my fellow women to try NP Gas and you will never regret doing so.”

NP Gas can be bought in different size cylinders and could be accessed in all NP filling stations across the country as well as at their agents all going for affordable prices.

A development expert argued that Sierra Leone’s economy needs revamping and our development trajectory must be put on the right course in order to improve standards of living. In order to achieve that, there must be a private-public partnership to make available the much-needed resources to implement various development projects. Government must have the financial wherewithal to be at a vantage position to roll out development projects and one possible way is through revenue mobilization involving taxation.

NP-SL is one business entity that is paying huge taxes to the National Revenue Authority; being classed among the Largest Tax Payer bracket and from what was learnt it is doing so in a timely manner. Many have said that if there is one outstanding and successful entity that Sierra Leoneans must indeed be proud of, for quality service delivery and sustainable growth, then definitely the lot will fall on the National Petroleum-Sierra Leone Limited as it truly deserves a pat on the back.

It is only a matter of days to come in order to see whether the prediction of NP bagging the 2019 AWOL Award will turn out to become true. But for now let the voting intensify.


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