Catholic Relief Services Celebrates Community Day

    Catholic Relief Services in Sierra Leone

    By Foday Moriba Conteh

    In a release issued by the Catholic Relief Services in Sierra Leone, it was disclosed that May is a very important month for the organisation across the globe. It marks the celebration of their Community Day, when they take time to reflect on their relationships with the people and institutions of Sierra Leone.

    During this month, time is taken to express appreciation to citizens for welcoming the organisation into their communities, from Freetown to Falaba and beyond. The release states that the work of the organisation is only possible because of the strong working partnerships with the Sierra Leonean government, church communities, school committees, health clinics, Caritas and civil society organizations, and men, women and children across the country.

    “We truly are all working together to raise up this beautiful country we all call home, and it is the pleasure and privilege of Catholic Relief Services to help every Sierra Leonean reach their full human potential. This Community Day is especially important as we face COVID-19.

    Now more than ever we need to reflect on how Salone is one community, and that ending the pandemic will take the collaborative action of all Sierra Leoneans, and people across the world. Catholic Relief Services thanks the people of Sierra Leone for the tireless collaboration which has enabled us to achieve so much Together BIKƆS WI ƆL NA WAN FAMBUL!” the release ends.



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