Celebrating 24 Years of Existence as Rokel Commercial

Sunday 17th September, 2023, was the 24th Anniversary of Rokel Commercial Bank. In 1999, the Government of Sierra Leone took over the bank from Barclays Bank which had run the bank since 1917 as a subsidiary of Barclays Bank in London, United Kingdom.

Since the takeover, some would say local ownership of the bank has been like fairy tale. But today,  Management of the Bank is thankful not just because the business entity is one of the biggest and fastest growing financial institutions in Sierra Leone – with the most modern and dependable digital platform, but also because it has remained the bonafide  champion of financial inclusion in the country.

“We remain grateful to all those who have contributed to our success story especially our values customers, the people and government of Sierra Leone,” The Managing Director, Walton Ekundayo Gilpin, stated with pride further expressing gratitude on behalf of the Board, Management and Staff of RCbank, thanking all.

He continued by saying that as opposed to what they have done previously, the  celebrations have been relatively low key yet they did not forget their less privileged compatriots, especially the disabled.

“Our staff were out on the streets, providing food packages to the disabled and destitute,” he disclosed also revealing how in that feeding endeavour, they traversed the length and breadth of Siaka Stevens Street that is hosting their iconic headquarters on to the Eastern Police Clock Tower where another of their major branches is located which he said in essence was part of their Corporate Social Responsibility.

According to the Managing Director, while they believe that it is not the fault of their compatriots to live a life of destitution, they also believe it will be a fault to constantly ignore their misery also stating that the feeding of the poor was preceded by an inter-faith service held within the confines of their main branch.

Walton Ekundayo Gilpin informed this medium that indeed, a life spent worthily is measured by deeds, not years saying that is why they will continue to innovate and share with the public, new exciting opportunities that will make banking a worthwhile experience. He said that is why they will open new branches nationwide to sustain their legacy as the most widely distributed banking network in Sierra Leone and that is why they remain profitable year in, year out.

“As we progress into our digital transformation, we will develop more products and services that will stand the test of time, that will continue to expand and bring banking to your doorsteps and will continue to make Rokel Commercial Bank your BANK OF CHOICE,” the result oriented of the most award winning bank optimistically maintained.


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