Chernoh Amadu Jalloh on the Run for Being Gay

Chernor Amadu Jalloh

By Foday Moriba Conteh

The increasing reports of isolated physical attacks on persons found to be gay seem to have no end in sight, as the recent case of Chernoh Amadu Jalloh indicates.

News intimated this medium revealed that in Kola Tree New Site at Calaba Town East End of Freetown, Chernoh Amadu Jalloh, has come under serious intimidation and harassment from members of his family and the community after being caught practicing homosexuality with his male partner in an unfinished building of which both stakeholders and the community youths have mounted a round the clock search for Chernoh Amadu Jalloh who is now declared wanted by the Sierra Leone Police.

Chernoh Amadu Jalloh who hails from an Islamic background and was raised by a Christian Family was not expected to practise this act especially when his family was well known by members of the community as religious people

Both national and religious laws in the country totally forbid individuals from practising such act. Community members were completely disappointed at Chernoh’s action, which they noted goes contrary to their customs and traditions.

According to a resident of Kola Tree New Site who identified himself as a resident of the Kola Tree New Site community and who had known Chernoh since childhood  said he had been very secretive about his sexual orientation since they were early teenagers until he (Chernoh Amadu Jalloh) was caught having sex with his male partner in an unfinished building.

According to an in-depth investigation mounted by this medium, Chernoh Amadu Jalloh was living at Kula Tree community in Freetown with his family.

On 31st December 2020 a government military officer caught Chernoh Amadu Jalloh having sexual intercourse with his male counterpart in an unfinished building of which the government military decided to take the law into his hands together to physically and violently attacking Chernoh Amadu Jalloh and his partner at the place of seeing during the process Chernoh Amadu Jalloh tried to escape unfortunately for him, he fell down which led to him having a big injury on one of his legs.

The military officer took him to the hospital for treatment on the grounds that once he recovered he will be arrested and sent to prison, while his partner was arrested immediately and was sent to prison Freetown for a period of 3 years imprisonment.

Chernoh Amadu Jalloh haven spent two days at the hospital, on the third day decided to take a risk by escaping from the hospital where he was hospitalized, fortunately for him was able to escape at the hospital through the window.

After his successful escape from the hospital he tried going home, and he was approach by his mother who informed him about the imprisonment of his partner and how members of the community including some of his family members are planning to eliminate him because he has not only embarrassed and disgraced them but has also flouted the customs and traditions of the land and going against what the family believes in and as such was described as the black sheep of the family.

This medium also learnt that members of the community were against his lifestyle of which they were pointing fingers at him which nearly led him to commit suicide. It against this backdrop that the brother of Chernoh’s mother (uncle) decided to help him in order to him to live the country immediately because he has already been declared wanted by the Sierra Leone Police.

It was also understood that this irate community members stormed the residence of Chernoh Amadu Jalloh based on an intelligence they purportedly received that he has returned to his residence, which in actual fact turned out to be false.


  1. Whenever he tries to return to sierra Leone the youth will hand him over to the police gay is against our culture his judgement will be double


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