Chief Minister Makes Impactful International Debut Alongside President Bio

By Amin Kef (Ranger)

The Chief Minister, Dr. Moinina David Sengeh PhD, recently embarked on a significant official trip alongside President Julius Maada Bio, attending the UN Food Systems Summit in Rome and the Heads of State Human Capital Summit in Dar Es Salaam. The two leaders were invited by the UN Secretary General and the President of Tanzania to participate in these crucial meetings.

During the packed agenda, the Chief Minister highlighted ten key points from the trip:

President Bio’s Keynote Address: President Bio delivered the keynote address on the opening day of the UN Food Systems Summit, emphasizing Sierra Leone’s commitment to school feeding programs and exploring avenues for expansion through deeper partnerships.

Meeting with the UN Secretary General: A successful bilateral meeting in Rome resulted in the UN Secretary General expressing “total support” for President Bio and Sierra Leone, looking forward to their engagement at the Security Council and co-hosting a side meeting on Foundational Learning at the UNGA.

WHO’s Support to Sierra Leone: The WHO Director-General pledged support for Sierra Leone by offering equipment and training to the recently established Public Health Agency. Further promises of assistance were made due to President Bio’s leadership, and a future visit by the DG was assured.

Keynote Address at ECAM Council: Dr. Moinina David Sengeh delivered a keynote address on behalf of President Bio, highlighting Sierra Leone’s vision and commitment as a nation through its Big Five Game Changers.

President Bio’s Panel on Equity and Education: President Bio’s panel at the Heads of State Summit focused on equity and education, emphasizing Radical Inclusion and commitment to youth, girls, and women.

Bilateral Meetings with Other Heads of States: President Bio engaged in bilateral meetings with various heads of states, strengthening Sierra Leone’s reputation and relationships on the continent and beyond.

Meeting with the World Bank for Human Capital: Discussions with the World Bank’s Vice President for Human Capital resulted in strengthened ties, with commitments to support Sierra Leone through new IDA allocations and a future visit from the VP.

Talks with Ethiopia’s Deputy Prime Minister: President Bio met with Ethiopia’s Deputy Prime Minister and his delegation to explore cooperation in areas such as food security, climate, peace, and the possibility of extending Ethiopian Airlines’ services to Sierra Leone.

Support for Sierra Leone’s Cricket Team: President Bio met with the SL National Under-19 Cricket team participating in the ICC World Cup qualifiers in Tanzania. The ICC Africa head thanked President Bio for his support to cricket in Sierra Leone.

Engaging with Sierra Leonean Communities: President Bio took the time to meet with Sierra Leonean communities in both Rome and Dar Es Salaam, engaging with students and professionals and encouraging their contributions to national development.

The trip proved fruitful as Sierra Leone built on existing relationships, established new ones, and secured tangible benefits for its citizens. The Chief Minister and President Bio returned home with a sense of accomplishment.



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