Competent Managerial Team keeps taking NP Higher

The ever growing National Petroleum (NP) Sierra Leone Limited is really dominating the business landscape in the country, having created a niche as a very successful entity that had been and still continues to contribute tremendously towards overall national development. NP has directly given numerous jobs to Sierra Leoneans and indirectly through its partnership with other business entities and individuals. Belonging to the bracket of a large taxpayer to the National Revenue Authority (NRA), the company is a steady source from which the Government of Sierra Leone regularly derives a huge chunk of revenue which are utilized to fund various development projects right across the country.
It is on record that behind any successful entity there must be a competent managerial team at the helm of affairs to come up with fine initiatives, ensure they are effectively implemented as well as meaningfully strategizing in order to realise optimal returns. This competent and result-oriented team is what exactly NP has been blessed with since it was established by 35 Sierra Leoneans who bought shares from Government years back. The Managerial team has been efficiently ensuring that initiatives and policies that would keep the company growing are solidly rolled out, that customer care is prioritised and staff morale enhanced.
The selflessness and commitment of the shareholders have made it possible for the company to empower many Sierra Leoneans and at the same time put it at a vantage position to continue to open more filling stations across the country. That again is another secret that keeps catapulting NP to the enviable position it currently occupies.
A hundred percent Sierra Leonean owned entity, this unprecedented buoyant petroleum company is well known for customer care. It has maintained a good business relationship and rapport with its numerous customers who are realizing optimum satisfaction in dealing with NP. The company deal with individual drivers, companies, public institutions among others, always ensures that its various petroleum products are available and selling at affordable prices. This keen symbiotic relationship with its customers has been paying dividends always resulting to a win-win scenario making NP very endearing to all and sundry.
Again, the company has a good working relationship with the Petroleum Directorate, the body that oversees all Petroleum companies operating in the country. The regulatory body has over the years showered praises on NP for efficiency and effective service delivery pledging to continue giving it the necessary technical support it deserves.
The company is also known for offering Sierra Leoneans NP Gas cookers of various sizes which are affordable, safe and very friendly to use. NP Gas could be purchased at all their filling stations across the country.
NP epitomizes the local content policy. Indeed, a truly indigenous company, all its workers are Sierra Leoneans dispelling the wrong notion that successful companies or business entities could only be operated by foreigners.NP has shown that indigenes can do it better.
The company’s result-oriented managerial team will definitely and sustainably continue to put NP at the top.
Undoubtedly, NP remains the biggest and largest in the petroleum industry for sustainability with the largest storage capacity in the country setting the pace for others to follow


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