Deputy Internal Affairs Minister Discredits Coup Plot Allegation

Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, Lahai Lawrence Leema

Frowning at Dissemination of Incendiary Messages…

By Amin Kef Sesay

In the wake of a serious allegation made against the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, Lahai Lawrence Leema of manipulating or instigating the staging of a coup plot to overthrow the legitimate SLPP ruling Government, this medium caught up with Leema who granted this medium an exclusive interview.

In a cool and calculated manner, the young but proactive  Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs ,Lahai Lawrence Leema, intimated that from what he has learnt so far there are some misguided and politically malevolent individuals who have become notorious in creating mischief by inciting the public and the military to overthrow the democratically elected Government, headed by President Julius Maada Bio, against the laws of the land.

He furthered that it must be made known that the principal role of the military in a democracy is clearly defined by the laws of this country: to protect citizens and defend the State.

“Hence, the Government fully acknowledges and appreciates the professionalism of the RSLAF,” he maintained further adding that the general public must be reminded that Sierra Leone is a democratic State that is guided by the Rule of Law referencing Section 5 of the 1991 Constitution  Act No. 6.

The Deputy Internal Affairs Minister highlighted that the functions of State institutions are provided by the country’s laws and thus as a law-abiding citizen he fully understands those parameters as guided by Section 4 of Chapter 2 of the Constitution of Sierra Leone Act No. 6 of 1991.

Leema vehemently revealed that he has, at no time, held any meeting with any individual or group of military officers to plan a coup plot against the Government that is performing so well.

“In accordance with the country’s laws, this Government was elected by the people of Sierra Leone for a fixed term and the Government has a social contract to maintain law and order and safeguard the people’s achievements. Hence, the Government shall not treat lightly any attempt by anyone to jeopardise the security of the State through unconstitutionality,” he maintained.

According to him, the security of the State is paramount and the Government reserves the rights and obligations to preserve law and order of the State either by operational response or by law depending on the material circumstance.

Contextually, Leema said of more importance is that, it is only through periodic elections that an elected Government shall be removed from power as opposed to any undemocratic means.

He emphatically stated that any attempt to use any illegal or criminal method to carry out any diabolic intention shall meet the stiffest resistance.

“Of course such attempt shall be decisively dealt with as per law required,” he affirmed.

He concluded by encouraging all law-abiding citizens to discountenance all incendiary and misguided voice notes and videos looming the social media and continue with their normal businesses.

The Deputy Internal Affairs Minister intimated this news medium that he shall formally report the said audios to the Cyber Unit of the Criminal Investigations Department.








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