Elections Are Over; Let Us Allow Peace to Prevail

By Amin Kef (Ranger)

The multi-tier elections of June 24, 2023 have come and gone. But it appears that there is still an atmosphere of uneasy calm with the main opposition APC party still reluctant to accept the results and threatening  not to participate in the new Government formed by re-elected Julius Maada Bio of the ruling Sierra Leone people’s Party (SLPP).

While most people would readily appreciate the main opposition APC if it were to put all differences aside and concentrate on working amicably with the ruling party, they are calling on the APC to put their grievances aside for the sake of peace and for the development of Sierra Leone.

A political analyst speaking on a favorite TV talk show, stated that if Dr. Samura Kamara and the other APC candidates that took part in the June 24 elections really had this country at heart, they would be more patriotic and less selfish by accepting the results for the sake of peace, embrace their rivals and work together for the overall development of Sierra Leone.

By so doing, they would have demonstrated their love and loyalty for Sierra Leone which is bigger than any individual or political party.

At this juncture, this press is joining millions of Sierra Leoneans calling on the APC to give peace a chance by disallowing ego to take prominence over love for country. The APC, by doing this ,will be seen by many as a patriotic, law-abiding party which seeks to first satisfy and pacify the people of this country first before countenancing or imposing its will on the majority.

We pray that common sense will prevail in these trying times as the country struggles to surmount its political differences whilst ensuring that development takes place in all sectors.

It is no gainsaying the fact that the United Nations is committed to supporting national institutions and the people of Sierra Leone before, during and after the just-concluded peaceful, inclusive, and credible elections. Therefore, as Sierra Leoneans if the UN is ready, willing and capable of supporting our development and political aspirations, we should not be the ones to disappoint ourselves.



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