EOC Operations Pillar Issues Guidelines for Movement of Essential Goods & Services

Head of National COVID-19 Response Team, (Rtd) Brig Gen. Hassan Kellie Conteh

By Amin Kef Sesay

The Operations Pillar of the COVID-19 Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) has issued the undermentioned guidelines for the movement of essential goods and services during the 14-Days partial lock down period.

Essential Goods in this context refers to food item, fuel tankers and construction materials. It says all vehicles carrying essential goods must be allowed access through all Inter-District boundary check points on to their final destination.

The Operations Pillar furthered that all check point commanders are to implement the following guide lines: Vehicles with Inter-District Pass are allow to move during curfew hours across Inter-District boundaries, all ambulances are authorized to travel during curfew hours without pass.

It also stated that Health Care Workers with vehicle and body passes are authorized to move during curfew hours, that vehicles moving essential goods without vehicle pass are not authorized to travel during curfew hours.

Moreover, all boats carrying essential food items should be allowed to berth at various wharfs with no more than 4 persons, all cargo vehicles must include the driver and 2 apprentices only and all other vehicles with Inter-District pass must only carry the authorized capacity of persons as indicated on their license documents.

Please execute these guidelines to ensure smooth coordination and implantation of the 14- Days partial lockdown.


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