Fatima Bio Donates to 10 Mosques in Kono

The First Lady, Fatima Maada Bio recently led a group to present gifts and to mobilize women and some male loyalists to go across Kono District to do presentations to her fellow Muslims.

From Sewafe, to Kamadu, to Sulkudu, then Peiyema, Tombodu, Koiquema, and Koidu town, all these places benefited from the generosity of the JMB women’s wing.

A total of two hundred bags of rice, sugar, flower, salt, oil, tomatoes, kolas and money was distributed.

On her part Hon. Emma Kowa Jalloh expressed her joy in giving gifts in the name of Fatima Bio, saying: We’ve been doing this before now and we are proud to continue our activities.

Mrs. Fatima Maada Bio on her part was thankful to Allah, for giving her the opportunity to continue celebrating his name. “I am a proud Muslim woman who believes in the teaching of our Prophet Mohammad (SAW). There is nothing more fulfilling than giving Zakat to the needy. This is part of the pillars of Islam,” she told her audience.

“I am also very happy to share it with my people from the district where I came from; Kono, and to seek their blessings for my family, the government and the people of this nation on the first Friday of Ramadan,” she added.

The women in attendance that were the beneficiaries promised that they will continue to do their charity work all through Ramadan.




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