For Providing the Regulator Three Land Cruisers…   NMA Director General Acclaims Seawright Mining Company

By Amin Kef Sesay

The Director General of the National Minerals Agency (NMA) , Julius Mattai, has on the 15th July 2021 expressed appreciation to the Seawright Mining Company for handing over three Toyota Land Cruisers describing it as a kind gesture further expressing the hope that other mining companies will follow its footstep, but was quick to point out that the  donation forms  part of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility adding how they  will ensure that the company  continues to adhere to the regulations of NMA.

The Deputy Director of Mines, Alusine Timbo, in welcoming guests to the ceremony stated that the event came about as a result of requests made to various mining companies for help in the provision of vehicles and not particularly to Seawright Mining Company.

He intimated that the Seawright Mining Company was the first to respond to their request adding that hopefully other mining companies will follow suit.

The Deputy Director General recognized the role that the company had rendered in its respective areas of operations and urged them to continue to do more.

Julius Mattai, Director General of NMA, upon receiving the keys to the three vehicles registered his unflinching appreciation to the Seawright Mining Company for promptly fulfilling their request.

He stated that as an Agency charged with the responsibility to monitor the operations of all mining companies in the country, they are supposed to be routinely visiting and inspecting mining sites.

The Director General highlighted  that with most of the mining companies located in hard to reach areas there is the need to have vehicles to transport the over 270 monitors they have around the country stating that such had been their greatest concern and challenge.

Julius Mattai again re-echoed that the request was not only directed to the Seawright Mining Company but to other companies also adding that Seawright was the first to have responded in such a manner.

He reiterated that during one of their Board meetings it was resolved  that the assistance of any company could be welcomed as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility emphasizing that  no company should construe it as an inducement.

Julius Mattai furthered that the donation will indeed facilitate the mobility of their staff to the many hard to reach areas to conduct their assigned activities.

He also admonished the Seawright representatives that the donation should not be misconstrued, affirming that they will be properly monitored like other mining companies and should work in accordance with the rules and regulations guiding the mining sector.

He made mention of the humane gestures that the company had rendered  to residents in their respective areas of operations, and their contributions to the fight against COVID-19, underscoring that such gestures are laudable.

Mattai recalled that after the establishment of the Agency, the UN gave them three vehicles and they were able to add some to the number, but stated that with the wear and tear of such vehicles, there is the need for more vehicles to facilitate their work.

He gave assurance to the Seawright Mining Company that the vehicles will be used for their intended purposes.

Handing over the keys to the NMA Director General, the Assistant Chief Operations Officer of Seawright Company, Sydney Tabahla, said that upon receiving the request from NMA, they contacted their CEO, who readily agreed and even gave the specification and number of vehicles to be procured for the NMA.

He stated that in the request letter of the NMA there was no specification or number of vehicles but that all those was done by their CEO.

Sydney Tabahla furthered that the NMA has been very instrumental in the furtherance of their work saying they are aware that the Agency needs them to fulfil their mandate which encompasses the inspection and monitoring of mining activities across the country maintaining that such could only be done with the appropriate vehicle specification saying the Toyota Land Cruiser vehicles they are donating are designed to traverse rough terrains. He thanked the NMA and all present for gracing the occasion.

Inspection of the three vehicles parked within the NMA compound climaxed the ceremony.


  1. No mining company has no business to donate vehicles a state agency. NMA should procure their own vehicles, I assume these mining companies pay a fee to do their business in Sierra Leone. This is pure collusion


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