Former SLPP National Organizing Secretary Aspirant Extols SLPP Values

George English reporting

The Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) achieved a remarkable victory in 2018, with His Excellency Retired Brigadier Julius Maada Bio leading the party to power. The success of the SLPP can be attributed to the unwavering dedication, hard work, and loyalty of its members, who endured eleven years in opposition to elect their trusted leader.

Among the impressive individuals within the SLPP is Bob Sebastonn Peterson, a young and dynamic aspiring leader. Bob, as he is affectionately known, has been a devoted member of the SLPP for over fifteen years, demonstrating his commitment to the party through thick and thin and actively contributing to its growth.

Driven by his desire to play a significant role in the party’s affairs, Bob contested for the position of National Organizing Secretary during the National Officers’ Elections held in Bo in 2021. Although the position was ultimately won by Hon. Musa Peter Moigua, Bob’s dedication and dynamic approach throughout the process earned him widespread commendation, particularly from the youth wing of the party.

During the intense campaign for the June General Elections led by President Bio, Bob took it upon himself to conduct an extensive grassroots campaign, complementing the efforts of the energetic President. He tirelessly encouraged the electorates to embrace President Bio’s visionary and progressive leadership, effectively highlighting the President’s achievements, addressing challenges beyond his control, and simplifying the president’s plans for the next five years.

Bob exemplifies the values of the SLPP, promoting unity in diversity and inclusivity among supporters from all backgrounds. He represents the emerging young and committed generation that holds the future of the party.

Aside from his political pursuits, Bob is a promising businessman and currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of BSP Attune International, a locally-owned business consortium involved in various sectors, including procurement/supplies, pharmaceuticals, water and sanitation, mining projects, shipping, foreign exchange, construction, logistics, and more.

Expressing his unwavering support for President Bio’s Government, Bob affirms his belief in the President’s leadership and commitment to building a better Sierra Leone.

As the SLPP continues to cultivate a new generation of leaders, Bob Sebastonn Peterson stands out as a dedicated and promising figure, ready to contribute to the progress and success of both the party and the nation.


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