Gento Remains Popular & Unperturbed Amidst False Propaganda

By Amin Kef (Ranger)

It has now become crystal clear that there are propagandists who are now desperately bent on making false claims against, Mohamed Gento Kamara, the SLPP endorsed Mayoral aspirant for the Freetown City Council.

Some have attempted to accuse him of being a stark illiterate who is not adept with expressing himself proficiently in the Queen’s Language, the English Language. Others  have accused him of not having any feasible or tangible development plan if elected as Mayor to transform Freetown were as others have bashed him  allegedly for colluding  with rogue politicians to squander the country’s resources.

However, in the midst of all those criticisms, Gento has proven to his failed detractors that he is a thick skinned personality and no amount of propaganda will dampen his spirit or determination as he exceptionally demonstrate the resolve of being unperturbed by baseless propaganda with his eyes fixed on the ball with the firm conviction that he will definitely emerge victorious in the upcoming Mayoral election.

Often, it is said that certain opinions are formed not based on facts but merely on sentiments and misinformation. Within this context the more the detractors formulate lies to fool the masses the more Gento’s popularity keeps soaring especially among the masses who see him the God-sent to liberate the Freetown Metropolis from the backward state in which it is currently.

It is no gainsaying that Gento has an impressive background that makes him uniquely qualified for the position of Freetown Mayor. He holds a unique experience in Urban Planning and Development and has well positioned himself within the private sector. Gento has also been working to improve the lives of Freetown residents through community actions for decades now. In these two scenarios he has positioned himself well with established contacts and has won the confidence and affection of the vast majority of Freetonians as his popularity keeps soaring.

Gento’s vision for Freetown is one of inclusivity and progress. He understands the challenges facing the city and has a clear plan for addressing them. Gento’s platform includes initiatives to improve public services – water supply, create jobs, sanitation, and city beautification and promote sustainable development. He is committed to working with community members and stakeholders to ensure that the city’s resources are used effectively and efficiently.

Gento’s experience in urban planning and development is particularly important for Freetown, a city that has struggled with infrastructure and housing issues for years. He has a deep understanding of the city’s needs and has already begun working to address them. He has proposed initiatives to improve the city’s road network, expand public transport, and increase access to affordable pure drinking water.

His commitment to community engagement is also a key factor that sets him apart from other candidates. He has been actively involved in community development projects for years, and he understands the importance of working with residents to create positive change. As Mayor, Gento has pledged to hold regular town hall meetings and other community forums to hear directly from residents and address their concerns.

In a recent interview, Gento stated that his goal as Mayor is “to build a Freetown that works for everyone, regardless of one’s background or circumstances.”

With his impressive background, clear vision, and commitment to community engagement, Gento is the best candidate to make that goal a reality and make Freetown regain its past glory.


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