Government’s Economic Interventions Must Cut Across Frontiers

Economist Prince Jacob Macauley

By Economist Prince Jacob Macauley

Energy supply is  key  to any economy. Its relevance to economic development cannot be overemphasized and as a matter of importance if Government in general and the Ministry of Energy in particular fail to come up with a stable energy supply in the country, such will definitely affect economic growth in 2020.

It has been established that the true test of any Government is what it does when it is confronted with serious allegations of maladministration, corruption, and governance failures. Again, the true test of any Government is what it does when it is continuously confronted with serious allegations of clear hatred for poor people especially in a country that has been plagued by legislated and institutional backlashes for decades. The Government closed the year 2019 with the celebration of making education fashionable also of rebranding the country’s Tourist sector and strengthening economic growth.

Since the research for the integrity scorecard is still going on around the country it is important to know that we are indebted to the people of Sierra Leone to let them see how our politicians in offices are doing. There is a need to have more banks in the country especially community banks and also to move away from the monopoly of banks there should be more access to finance. These Banks should give out loans to all sectors including women and those should be regulated well.

One major thing we should let the people of this country know in terms of revitalizing the economy of the country is a process which is not going to be achieved instantaneously. To boost the economy is not a sprint race but a marathon race. We also need to look at the trade Sierra Leone is doing with other countries in the world and the government should make sure the country trades within the region.
As a matter of utmost importance Government should explain the country’s position towards the adoption of a new West African currency, the ECO. The Government needs to let the people of this country know if they have worked towards meeting the criteria which were communicated to them by ECOWAS.


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