Housemates Salone Commences

As 20 evicted with Le1M each…

On the 14th February 2019 the final eviction of 20 out of 40 contestants that were shortlisted took place at the Atlantic Hotel in the West End of Freetown starting at 7:00 pm. The atmosphere was charged with emotion, suspense was created by the announcer and the contestants were noticeable nervous. However, there was fanfare, full of fun with an audience drawn from people from different backgrounds depicting a truly entertainment ambience.
After the usual statements and entertainment performances, the bomb was finally dropped, with rippling effects here and there when the announcer started calling the names of the contestants who have failed to make it in the Housemates Salone 2019 TV Reality Show. Nearly all of the unfortunate losers burst into tears, bodily shaking manifesting that it was indeed a nightmarish moment in their lives. After receiving Le1 million Leones each provided by AYV and other consolation prizes offered by Africell they were paired according to the number of votes they had inter alia scored and systematically evicted from the competition some reluctantly not wanting to budge.
For those who were fortunate to emerge successful it was all cheers, smiles, wishes of good luck and thumps up, some cat walking and dancing all the way. It was rumoured that they will be later blindfolded and taken away to the Big Brother House with the intension of them not knowing the location of the House.

From henceforth these 20 Housemates, who will be in the House for six weeks, are expected to exceptionally exhibit and display their God-given talents in a number of ways, including nudity, humour, interaction, creativity, how to cope with stress etc,in order to convince members of the public here and in the Diaspora to vote for them via an Africell Number or the internet.

How they are going to be performing, which will be aired live on AYV Television Channel 34 on a daily basis, for the public to vote will definitely determine those Housemates who will stay in the House when the elimination period starts and those that will be periodically evicted until the competition reaches its climax leading to the ultimate winner who will then bag the covetous prize of One Hundred Million Leones (Le 100,000,000).
Many entertainment fans have really commended the Africa Young Voices and Africell for organizing such a TV Reality Show which has been taking place in countries like Nigeria and South Africa for a couple of years now. In this first of its kind show in this country there will be 10 male and 10 female Housemates battling it out.
According to what was stated at the Atlantic wHotel by those who made short statements the primary focus and objective of the organizers of this TV Reality Show, first of its kind in this country, it is geared towards fostering or enhancing Youth Empowerment, and provide the platform for young people to showcase what they can do naturally as well as uniquely.

To show how serious and dedicated the organizers, AYV and Africell, are to thrill the public both at home and abroad the country- wide, the previous country-wide held auditions were so well planned and executed by reputable personalities who served as Judges to such an extent that there was no single complaint of manipulation, intimidation or favouritism . Those auditions were rather lively and very interesting as some of the contestants thrilled viewers out of the funny ways the participants responded to questions posed to them by the Judges; some out of ignorance, nervousness and others comically. Other competitors displayed brilliance by responding intelligently to the questions they were asked.

Indisputably, Sierra Leoneans in-country and overseas, are definitely going to stay glued to AYV Channel 34 to watch the six weeks series of performances by the Housemates and they will definitely be excited to vote via the Africell.

It is important to reiterate that Big Brother is highly competitive and is an elimination contest with the determinant factor having to do with the number of votes that a particular Housemate pulls. However, for each day a housemate stays in the House he or she is entitled to the sum of One Hundred Thousand Leones (Le100, 000).

It is obvious that in the finally analysis the successful winner will be expected to serve as a role model in society who could champion a project to improve an aspect of the standard of living of young people in the country and may even serve as an entertainment ambassador to represent the country in such social competitions overseas.

The Housemates Salone TV Reality Show is now in full gear , though the tempo is slowly developing ,however it will reach crescendo, as the weeks roll . It is all going to be packed with suspense, fun, tense moments, display of creativity, humour and natural instincts. Sierra Leone is really trying to catch up with modern trends and is steadily making progress though the challenges are daunting. Thanks to the African Young Voices and Africell, ICAN TV .The one million dollar question now on the lips of Sierra Leoneans is who is going to be the lucky Housemate to meritoriously clinch the mouth-watering Le100, 000,000 after one month two weeks stay in the Big Brother House.
Wishing a successful Housemate Salone!


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