Housemates Salone Dominate Public Discussion

As 2nd Eviction takes place…

Over the weekend the second set of housemates’ eviction was effected from the 20 participants in the house. The atmosphere was filled with suspense and tension as supporters and fans waited anxiously to know who the victims would be, whilst participants in the house were having anxious time waiting to discover who the evicted people will be. Tension rose in the house.

As they waited nervously anticipating victory and despair, viewers say that all participants had done their best in projecting strong language, nudity and humour. Observers maintained that the housemates made use of every given opportunity to appeal to their fans and the wider citizenry here and abroad to vote for them using their tagged numbers via text to Africell Code Number 5500.

One thing that is very certain is that Housemates Salone offers the Housemates the opportunity to be empowered and after leaving the House they will definitely never be the same again but become different persons. To justify this assertion the Reality TV Show, organised by the Africa Young Voices (AYV) and Africell , provides the platform for social interaction leading to strengthening of relationships, self-expression as is evident in responding to questions posed by the unseen Chief, taking through lectures by professionals, portraying artistic skills whether in acting, poetry or modelling.

This rather unique event is now the talk of the town. AYV and Africell’s Housemates Salone 2019 has earned the name of an epitome of Reality.

During the eviction ceremony being witnessed live and via the various streaming media, fans were advised to keep the votes coming in to maintain the housemate of their choice as their vote counts in determining the position of the various contestants in the house. They were reminded that an individual’s stay in the house largely depends on the percentage of votes that each will scoop from the populace, but the evictions hinge on their performances in the House, which are closely monitored and judged.

The attractive star winning prize of Le100, 000,000 (One Hundred Million Leones) is what each competitor is eyeing, but for each day a Housemate stays in the House he or she is entitled to receive Le100, 000.
With the huge and electrifying momentum that the Housemates Salone is ascending, it has currently become the widely talked about event in the country and has indeed gone viral. Workers, school pupils, students, market women and traders are heatedly discussing it in different circles, even in Ataya Bases, with candour and varying views.

Sustained investigations cum research mounted in different parts of the country revealed that the majority are really commending the organizers of the TV Reality Show, African Young Voices (AYV) and Africell for packaging and rolling out what they described as a very extra-ordinary and breath-taking entertainment show.
Indeed, the House is getting hotter as the competitors are tensely battling to ultimately emerge as the winner to bag the Le100, 000,000 that is at stake.

But what is so good about rolling out this show is that it has really exposed all the participants and there is the probability that people cum investors could be interested in making use of their talents, be it in the music, acting, film industries or in modelling.
“It is indeed very good that the organisers of this TV Reality contest made provision for empowerment and for those that have been and will be evicted, to at least take home financial packages which will serve as a therapy to any unforeseen psychological anguish. To those that will be affected take heart and be courageous as there is more goodies in life after Housemates Salone,” Ann-Marie Williams, an activist shuttling to and fro the USA and Sierra Leone enthused.
Housemates Salone continues to thrill millions in and out Sierra Leone.


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