Housemates Salone in Tense Encounter

With intermittent evictions taking place…

In the ongoing Housemates Salone Competition, organized by Africa Young Voices (AYV) and Africell, there are presently 20 Housemates in the House in the wake of last Sunday 24th February 2019 eviction of 2 Housemates. Candidly, the TV Reality show is heightening and it is becoming more and more interesting and viral bagging widespread appreciation and commendation from different quarters in and out of the country.
This rather unique event is now the talk of the town. AYV and Africell’s Housemates Salone 2019 has earned the name of an epitome of Reality.
The primary focus of the aforementioned organizers is providing a platform for the young male and female competitors to display exemplary God-given talents which should be so captivating to lure viewers to vote for them through the Africell Cell Number 5500. What would determine the position that the various contestants will individually occupy largely depends on the percentage of votes that each will scoop from viewers.
Another objective is geared towards youth empowerment by availing these young people the opportunity to learn new skills to equip them for a successful future.
The show will also serve as a platform that will not only build ties, strengthen relationships, empower youths and showcase talents, but will spring surprises unprecedented in the history of Reality TV shows.

These 20 Housemates are expected to display strong language, nudity and humour for the attractive prize of Le100, 000,000 but for each day a Housemate stays in the House he or she is entitled to receive Le100, 000.
With the huge and electrifying momentum that the Housemates Salone is ascending it has currently become the widely talked about event in the country and has indeed gone viral. Workers, school pupils, students, market women and traders are heatedly discussing it in different circles, even in Ataya Bases, with candour and varying views.
Sustained investigations cum research mounted in different parts of the country revealed that the majority are really commending the organizers of the TV Reality Show, African Young Voices (AYV) and Africell for packaging and rolling out what they described as a very extra-ordinary and breath-taking entertainment show.
Indeed, the House is getting hotter as the competitors are tensely battling to ultimately emerge as the winner to bag the Le100,000,000 that is at stake.
But what is so good about rolling out this show is that it has really exposed all the participants and there is the probability that people cum investors could be interested in making use of their talents, be it in the music, acting, film industries or in modelling.
“This 2019 Housemates Salone Reality Show truly depicts inclusiveness as the Housemates are not only drawn from residents in Freetown which is indeed in the best interest of national cohesion,” Memunatu Turay, a Secretary in one of the insurance companies in the country intimated frankly adding that it has indeed put the country on the international spotlight which is very good within the context of rebranding its image.


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