Housemates Salone Reaches Fever Pitch

With time running out, barely few days more remaining for the show to reach its final stage, the 2019 Housemates Salone TV Reality Show is indeed becoming interestingly very, very competitive.

One cannot doubt that it is really noticeable that the each of the current Housemates in the House are doing all his or her their ability and reach to become more endearing to members of the public, who have been offered the privilege to vote for their favorite Housemates via Africell No: 5500. Trying to display nudity, strong language and humor, the Housemates are anxiously endeavoring with tact to outsmart each other so that at the end of the day one of them becomes the ultimate and successful winner of the mouth-watering Le 100,000,000 that has been set aside as the star prize.
Could it therefore be any big surprise why presently serious lobbying is taking place by the contestants and campaigners to capture more votes?
It is discernable that all the Housemates are becoming rowdy as verbal attacks frequently do take place bordering on personal differences and more especially to gain attention as well as to claim superiority.

The whole rationale behind organizing the TV Reality Show is geared towards providing the right platform for youth empowerment. It is to give young people, the contestants, that space to demonstrate their God given talents, to imbibe new ideas, skills and gain exposure. Organizers of the competition, Africa Young Voices (AYV) Media Empire and Africell have always being at the forefront to avail young people opportunities to be polished and become very relevant in society. It is within that ambit or realm that the 2019 Housemates Salone TV Reality Show materialized and from its commencement it has been going on very well.
Aired on AYV TV Station, Channel 34, the contest currently has become the much talked about entertainment event eliciting discussions in different quarters within and outside the country some criticizing, praising certain aspects of it alongside making predictions as to the Housemate that will top the race.

As the competition is gradually reaching its final stage, the public is anxiously looking forward to who will become the youngest millionaire that will emerge from the 2019 Housemates Salone Reality TV Show.
One can argue that with all the exposure skills and ideas learnt the Housemates are definitely not going to same as they were before entering the House. Definitely, they will be transformed individuals behavior wise, outlook and in terms of having new contacts.
It was reliably learnt that after 2019 Housemates Salone Reality TV Show ends, the leaders in media and communication, the Africa Young Voices (AYV) Media Empire and Africell Lintel Sierra Leone will be launching another bigger competition to be known as Celebrity Housemate Salone 2019 (CHMSL). Le300 Million will be at stake for this next show that will be championed by the two communications giants.
It is indeed an established fact that Africell and AYV are seriously bent on providing empowerment for young people from different backgrounds in the country.


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