Housemates Salone Season 3 Applications Closes Tomorrow

For Applicants Encountering Difficulty… AYV & Africell-SL Providing Guidance to Complete Application Process
For Applicants Encountering Difficulty… AYV & Africell-SL Providing Guidance to Complete Application Process

By Amin Kef Sesay

Tomorrow will be the deadline for all interested persons who wish to take part in the upcoming Housemates Salone Season 3 to submit their applications as it will mark the deadline that was set by the organizers. This means that there is still little time left for applications to be received and such gives those who are now only knowing about the competition or who have been procrastinating  to seize the opportunity to apply.

Any individual of Sierra Leonean origin that is 21years old and above and was not selected to participate in any other Reality TV Show in Sierra Leone is eligible to apply. If an individual previously applied for a Reality TV Show but was not selected to participate he or she can apply for Housemates Salone Season 3.

Application forms are available online on AYV and Africell platforms. The application form costs Le200, 000 and is payable ONLY via Afrimoney. To apply, please click the following links:

Please note that before you go online to apply make sure you have Le 204,000 Leones on your Afrimoney phone and then go on to complete the form online using the phone number that has the Le 204,000 as your contact number and automatically Afrimoney will take Le 200,000 as form cost and then you submit successfully.

The detailed application form is to properly evaluate an interested person’s qualifications as a suitable candidate for Housemates Salone.

An applicant must make sure to answer all questions correctly and honestly in the form otherwise he or she will automatically be disqualified from the selection process if any of the answers turns out to be untruthful or if requested information is withheld.

However, AYV and Africell have made it in such a way that if an individual is struggling to complete his or her application, he or she can visit any of the following locations in Freetown for help: AYV Media Empire on 3 Wesley Street Off Pademba Road, Africell Office at Odion on Siaka Stevens Street or Africell Office at Wilberforce Village.

After the closing date what comes up next is audition and it will run from the 11th to 14th March 2022. Note that diaspora applicants will be sent a zoom link for their virtual audition upon successful completion of their application.

The Reality TV Show will be broadcast live on AYV TV, DStv Channel 399 and other social media platforms.

Proudly brought to members of the public by AYV Media Empire and Africell-SL Housemates Salone Season 3 and according to the organizers the Reality TV Show is set to give thrilling episodes which many will attest are truly entertaining and educative.

The Show is slated in such a way that those who will enter the House as Housemates will compete for the staggering winning prize of Two Hundred and Fifty Million Leones (Le 250M) plus undertaking a full round trip to Dubai. Definitely, there is going to be just one winner that will emerge at the end of the competition.

What really determines the stay and survival of the Housemates in the House is the number of votes each Housemate bags from the viewing public. It is these votes that are translated into percentages and falling below the threshold will lead to being asked out of the House. However, when this time reaches the link and the method of voting will be communicated how the process should go on via Africell.

After the audition and the Housemates are selected to enter the House and the Show commences if some of the Housemates appear sexy by the kind of clothes or dresses they wear then that must not come as any big surprise simply because they are expected to display nudity. Again, if sometimes they talk harshly then it is because they are expected to intermittently use strong language and act humorously.

The underlying rationale for the organizers to package this entertainment show goes beyond providing mere entertainment to that of Youth Empowerment. With  young Housemates, from different backgrounds put together under one roof for a certain period of time, they will be taken through certain mental and physical exercises that will impact their personalities and it is certain that after the competition they will never be the same again.

They stand to benefit from being guided to be motivational speakers, to think critically as well as rationally, how to healthily interact, how to solve problems, to set goals, to cook, how to eat and dress for different occasions, to sing, dance, control emotions and stress. They will have the opportunity to learn from what visiting guests from certain corporate institutions will teach them, learn how to play games and a host of other things that are aligned to coping mechanisms as well as development of strong characters.

Another good thing about the show is that it will put all the Housemates in the spotlight as the Reality TV Show will be viewed by many in and out of the country. People will come to know them, the talents that they possess and what they are capable of doing. The show could be a window of opportunity for the Housemates as some people out there could be interested in tapping the talents that they have seen displayed which could end up in changing their fortunes for life. Indeed something has to start somewhere.

As the expectations are running high, the organizers are methodologically and meticulously putting finishing touches to once again avail viewers a lively, tantalizing and thought-provoking Reality TV Show.



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