Housemates Salone Season 3 Gains Sponsorship from Two International Companies

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By Amin Kef Sesay

During a brief Press Conference that was convened on the 23rd March, 2022 by the organizers of the upcoming Housemates Salone Season 3 Reality TV Show, AYV and Africell-Sierra Leone, on the 23rd March 2022,at the AYV Media Empire on Wesley Street in Freetown, it was disclosed to  those in attendance that two international companies have come forward to give their support  to  the social event that is slated to commence very shortly.

Present were the CEO of the African Young Voices Media Empire, Ambassador Anthony Navo Jr, Dr. Ezekiel Lakkoh, the General Manager of AYV, William Sao Lamin, a Civil Society activist, some members of staff of AYV, representatives of the two international companies and a cross section of media practitioners.

Giving an overview of Housemates Salone Season 3, Dr. Ezekiel Lakkoh informed that it is a Reality TV Show that is geared towards recreating the minds of young people in the country which he stated, for quite some time, was a dream nurtured by the Chief Executive Officer of AYV, Anthony Navo Jr, further maintaining that it was that dream that later on crystallized into Housemates Salone underscoring that this is now the third edition of the show which is why it is referred to as Season 3.

“The Reality TV Show is one that will provide some form of informal education for the Housemates while they are together under one roof as they interact on a daily basis which is why it is sometimes referred to as Edutainment,” he added. Dr. Lakkoh informed that Housemates Salone has now become an international brand name maintaining that the upcoming Season 3 will go beyond the jurisdiction of the country as opposed to the two Seasons that preceded it.

On his part, William Sao Lamin commended AYV Media Empire for the achievements the entity has made over the years especially in capacitating young people across the country. He informed all that he intends to combine his Civil Society activities with business adding that he will be playing an instrumental role in trying to get business entities and companies to come onboard in order to extend support to the Reality TV Show. Sao Lamin pointed out that the organizers of Housemates Salone have a lot in store for young people with the avowed objective of making their lives better.

In his statement, one of the representatives of the two international companies, Remi Okafor, intimated that he is a naturalized Sierra Leonean who has resided in this country for thirty years now and is the owner of Romez Commercial Enterprise. He said at his business place there used to be some young women plaiting hair close-by saying these women use to purchase Expression hair from him. Okafor said knowing what young people go through he decided that whenever there is an opportunity he would want to help young people.

He said no matter how bad young people are looked at if they are presented with opportunities that will positively impact their lives then they could be transformed to positively contribute to meaningful developments.

“When I learnt of Housemates Salone Season 3 I thought of how certain companies were supporting similar shows in Nigeria and challenged myself to convince some business entities to support the Reality TV Show in Sierra Leone,” he revealed furthering that he succeeded to get the consent of owners or dealers of Sara Cosmetics that markets STORM perfume and Expression to come on board in order to support the Reality TV Show.

“The Sara Cosmetics that markets the STORM brand of perfume even decided to support the Reality Show for three consecutive years and at the end of the day the company may sign one of the participants to be a Brand Ambassador of STORM perfume which has gained affection in various African countries as a classical perfume,” he also divulged.

He said the Expression hair is not strange in the country as it has been used by women for plaiting their hair maintaining that it is NO1 and a new definition of quality. According to him, during the course of the show Housemates who are good at braiding will be recognized via a competition for which various prizes will be offered for expressing their talents. He informed all that V-Pression Hair is Nigerian owned and Sara Cosmetics is located in Turkey.

The other representative, Jeremiah Johnson, stated that the greatest asset of any nation is young people adding that the latter are explorers who are always eager to know or learn new things. He said the duty of the older generation is to help young people navigate their ways through. He pointed out that  the huge turnout and the energies displayed by young people during the audition process were awesome and him in particular was highly impressed. Jeremiah stated after exploring to know the opportunities that AYV has to offer they were convinced that it is the right platform that they could support in order to arrive at a win-win situation.

Chief Executive Officer of AYV Media Empire, Anthony Navo Jr. said on behalf of AYV and Africell-Sierra Leone he is extending thanks to the two international business entities for coming onboard to support Housemates Salone Season 3. He informed all present that the Reality TV Show is going to be huge for young people and will be aired right across Africa via DStv as just recently AYV TV was linked to DStv Channel 399.

“ AYV going international could be one of the reasons why external big companies have shown interest in the upcoming Reality TV Show,” the AYV CEO averred adding that local companies had supported the past two editions but said with the interest now being shown by international business entities local business entities are now challenged.

He said what all are witnessing is the start of a journey of a thousand miles underscoring that with the view that more business entities would manifest interest that is why Sara Cosmetics decided to be in the queue by stating that they will support the Show for three years, thereby consolidating its position.

Anthony Navo Jr assured the representatives that they will be given a befitting platform to showcase their different products further expressing hope that the Reality TV Show will deliver the production value to be in tandem with DStv standards.

He concluded that the sponsorship packages of the two companies are very impressive.

The AYV Founder and CEO encouraged other business entities to come onboard in order to get more visibility.

The signing of a formal agreement or Memorandum of Understanding  by the representatives of the two companies and the CEO of AYV Media Empire, Anthony Navo Jr and witnessed by other personalities formed the highpoint of the event.


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