Ibrahim King Komeh on the Run, Family Faces Police Harassment

Ibrahim King Komeh.jpeg
Ibrahim King Komeh

By Abubakarr Harding

In August 2022, Sierra Leone Police declared Ibrahim King Komeh, often referred to as “the King” and the Founder and Leader of Campaign for Justice (CFJ), along with others, as wanted individuals, accusing them of being key figures behind the violent August 10 protests in the country.

The August 10, 2022 protests that rocked various parts of the country, including the capital city of Freetown, resulted in violence that claimed the lives of six police officers and over 20 protesters and bystanders, including at least two women.

Komeh was accused by a group of irate youths believed to be aligned with the ruling SLPP and the Security Forces in the country of being a leader of the violent protests, where they demanded President Julius Maada Bio’s resignation.

In response to the protests, the government established a Commission of Inquiry on August 24, 2022, to investigate the root causes and identify the perpetrators. The commission’s report named Komeh as one of the ringleaders behind the violent August 10 protests, exacerbating his situation.

Due to his alleged role in mobilizing young people for the protests, Komeh remains a key target for the authorities. Police have been attempting to apprehend him, but he has managed to evade capture.

One year since the incident, the Sierra Leone Police continues their intensified manhunt for him. Some of the alleged perpetrators, including Saidu Sesay, Fatmata Koroma, and Ibrahim King Komeh, are still at large, believed to have sought refuge in other countries.

If caught and convicted, the accused individuals face serious charges, including illegal protest, murder of police officers, and attempted overthrow of a democratically elected government. The potential consequences for those deemed to be at the forefront of the protests could include life imprisonment or worse.

Recent developments surrounding Komeh involve the perplexing unlawful arrest and detention of his family members, as they refuse to disclose his whereabouts. His escape from the country and the continuous arrest and detention of his family members have raised serious concerns about their safety.

It was disclosed that a group of irate youths, believed to be aligned with the ruling SLPP, stormed Ibrahim King Komeh’s residence during the August 10, 2022 violent protest, based on false intelligence that he had returned home.

As of now, Ibrahim King Komeh remains on the run, and the Sierra Leone Police continue their relentless manhunt for him. Family members report constant police harassment and threats related to his whereabouts.


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