IG Ambrose M. Sovula Strongly Condemns Police Brutality

By Amin Kef Sesay

According to investigation conducted by this medium, in the wake of the recent spate of police brutality in different parts of the country, the Inspector General of Police, Ambrose M. Sovula, has strongly condemned lawlessness and  police brutality vowing that any Police Officer who is found wanting and proven guilty will face the full force of the law.

He maintained that few bad eggs in the force will not be allowed to soil the good image of the Force calling on all serving officers to do their work with professionalism.

It is on record that the current Inspector General of Police, Ambrose M. Sovula, is highly commended by many Sierra Leoneans for his pragmatism and leadership initiatives which, even before his appointment to his present position, he had been injecting in the Police Force, redeeming its battered image making the Force more relevant in terms of protecting lives and properties.

It is attested that as a result of his astute and pragmatic ways of discharging his official responsibilities as the No 1 man in the Police hierarchy there has been a drastic reduction in the crime rate right around the country as recent statistical data has so far revealed.

What is incontestable is the fact that unlike others, who as a result of status may create barriers, IG Sovula is said to be an individual who highly believes that through interactions much could be learnt and better position him to efficiently discharge his official duties. This is the more reason why he has successfully raised the profile of the Police Force high and transformed it to become a formidable force to reckon with.

With his wealth of experience in the Sierra Leone Police Force, since he joined the Force in 1980, the Inspector General rose through the ranks which speak volumes that he is more knowledgeable when it comes to issues relating to effective policing.

The new IG was transferred from the head of Traffic (National Traffic Coordinator) to the Local Unit Command at the Adonkia Police Station.

According to him, he diligently served with humility and will continue to do so with honesty and sincerity to the expectations of the President and the general public.

IG Sovula started his assignment at the Central Police Station as a “Statement Taker” previously known as an Investigator. He worked in the Registry Office at the Police Headquarters, Criminal Investigation Department, NCO in charge of Crime at the Waterloo Police Station, Crime Officer at the Lumley Police Station, Chief Trainer at the Police Training School and later elevated to become the Commandant.

He is one of the certified foundation members of the MIST – Major Incident Support Team.

As Commandant of the Police Training School, IG Sovula developed a lot of training strategies for young recruits.

He developed a gender empowerment framework that caters for young female graduates as new recruits and ten young female University graduates were recruited into the force that very year.

At that time a lot of reforms were implemented all successfully bridging the gap between junior officers and senior police officers as well as creating new Departments/Units such as FSU, Interpol, TOCU and Gender/Human Rights Offices.

His main focus is placing premium on community policing which has resulted into an enhancement between the Police Force and members   of the public resulting into a marked reduction in the crime rate countrywide.

Through his leadership style, he has succeeded in creating a synergy between the Sierra Leone Police Force and the Armed Force in order to work in synergy as sister forces and be professional in the discharge of their functions in providing the much needed security of the country.

He was appointed as Inspector General of Police by President Julius Maada Bio and approved by Parliament. In an exclusive interview, IG Sovula intimated that the behavioural pattern of every Sierra Leonean should be modified because attitude means everything.

When consideration is given to the fact that the rate at which lawlessness was gaining ascendancy posing serious threats to lives and properties juxtaposing such with the positive reforms injected by the current Inspector General of Police then there is all the more reason for members of the public to continue to give IG Ambrose Sovula the necessary support to continue to do more for the country.

IG Sovula maintained that though he was appointed by President Julius Maada Bio, however, his functions are not dictated by politics but rather nationalism and patriotism.

In a random survey undertaken by this medium what came out glaringly is the fact that many hold the current IG in high esteem for his frankness, down to earth approach in dealing with security related issues.

“If today we are sleeping in peace and heaving sighs of relief such could be attributed to sound policing and for those reasons the current Inspector General of Police must be highly commended,” a group of traders in the Central Business District informed.

Prior to his appointment, Sovula was the Local Unit Commander (LUC) of the Adonkia Police Station, Goderich, West End of Freetown, with the rank of Superintendent.

He is regarded by many as one of Sierra Leone’s award winning Police Officers and a West Africa Road Safety Organisation member who has diligently served the Sierra Leone Police for almost 40 years since 1980.


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