In Berthkomp and Fogbo… Caritas Freetown Enjoins Women to Take Part in Leadership Positions

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By Millicent Senava Mannah

The International Women’s Day is commemorated on the 8th of March everywhere around the world. The theme for this year was: “Breaking the Bias”, as Sierra Leone is about to enact a remarkable law that will see women and men at par with each other as provided for in the Gender Empowerment Bill.

Caritas Freetown and Caritas Justice and Peace Commission, which are sub-units under the organization, commemorated the day with the women of Berthkomp and Fogbo communities in Newton, Western Rural District.

The organization sensitized the women of the two communities about the Gender Empowerment Bill which is geared towards empowering women.  Caritas, as an organization, has been giving tremendous support to the process of enacting the Bill.

Rev. Father Peter Konteh,     Executive Director  of Caritas Freetown, SL, told the women that it is high time they come together to support each other. He continued that for far too long women have not been supportive to one another and that is one of the advantages their male counterparts are using.

He advised them not to allow their husbands to maltreat them, stating that they should stand for their rights and voice out any domestic violence they are experiencing from their partners.

Father Peter also encouraged them to participate in politics as it is not only for men stressing that women must participate. He emphasized that if they are united they will be able to achieve whatever.

Ibrahim Sorie Kamara, Headman for the Fogbo community stated that women are not united and most of them rather choose to support men instead of their fellow women adding that if they support themselves they will become unstoppable.

He threw light on how women have been maltreated in their homes and how most men leave the financial burden of the family on these women. He advised that women should stand for their rights and put a stop to those ill practices from their partners.

Saio Mansaray the Headman of Berthkomp commended the organization for sensitizing their women furthering  that they are ready to give them the support they need and to punish any man that is a perpetrator of domestic violence.

Fatmata Bangura spoke on behalf of her colleagues that they appreciate the organization for educating them about their rights and how they should support their fellow women. She continued that from now onwards they will support themselves to achieve great things.

The event was climaxed with a football march by both the women and members of the organization followed by sensitizing other women who were not in attendance about the Bill and how they should support themselves.


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