In Makeni & Bo… NP-SL Appreciates, Empowers, Certifies & Awards Station Managers & Pump Attendants

By Amin kef Sesay

The presentations of certificates by the National Petroleum-Sierra Leone Limited (NP-SL Ltd)  to Station Managers and Pump Attendants in both Makeni and Bo on the 21st & 22nd January 2022 respectively, were indeed very memorable occasions that will go down the annals of history of the indigenous petroleum importing and marketing entity.

In Makeni, the programme was held on the 21st January 2022 at the Wusum Hotel Conference Hall and in Bo on the 22nd January 2022 at the Galliness Hotel Conference Hall. A total of 76 individuals were awarded Certificates in Makeni and 48 from the Southern Province and 12 from the Eastern Province, inclusive of Station Managers and Pump Attendants from Kenema and Kailahun giving a total of 136 beneficiaries who were awarded.

Present during both occasions were the Chief Executive Officer of NP-SL Ltd, Amb. Kobi Walker, the Sales Manager of NP-SL Ltd, Vandy Bockarie, the Finance/Accounts Manager of NP-SL Ltd, Saidu Mansaray, the Senior Operations Engineer of the same company, Alhaji Munu, Mary Ganda, a staff of NP-SL Ltd, two interns working with NP-SL Ltd , Station Managers , Pump Attendants and members of the Fourth Estate. The two programmes were moderated by Leon Abuko Cole, who is the Sales Supervisor for NP-SL Ltd.

In his opening remarks, the Sales Supervisor of NP-SL Ltd, Leon Abuko Cole ,stated that the two events have been slated to be social occasions during which periods all are considered to be on an equal pedestal as none will be considered superior or junior. “What NP-SL Ltd is doing is bringing together the Management of the company, Station Managers and Pump Attendants together as one family so that concertedly we could successfully achieve our collective aims and objectives,” he informed adding how the company is determined to continue the trend.

Declaring the purpose of bringing together Station Managers and Pump Attendants, the Sales Manager of NP-SL Ltd, Vandy Bockarie intimated that in November of 2021 NP-SL conducted training sessions targeting Station Managers and Pump Attendants in Makeni, covering those in Kono District, in Bo, Kenema and  Kailahun in order for them to be more adept in the discharge of their duties within their various Filling or Gas Stations.

He continued that after the training sessions, Management of the company thought it fit to show appreciation and award them Certificates of Completion as well as present to them gifts for their participation and for the current status of their various stations. “After the trainings, Management observed that there have been marked improvements in terms of service delivery,” he disclosed.

Vandy Bockarie continued that the training sessions covered two broad areas which were: Customer Care and Safety furthering that the two areas are considered to be very paramount in the operations of the business entity. He continued that key issues that were instilled in the Station Managers and Pump Attendants included how to handle equipments at Filling Stations, lubricants at Filling Stations, how to market NP Gas and upkeep their various Filling Stations.

Emphasizing the importance of the training sessions, the Finance and Accounts Manager, Saidu Mansaray said it will help them greatly in the discharge of their duties. He called on them to be steadfast and execute diligently what they have learnt so far. Saidu appealed to them to always comport themselves accordingly to expectation and raise the bar high.

The Chief Executive Officer of NP-SL Ltd, Ambassador Kobi Walker informed the audience that for the occasions all must consider him as the Chief Pump Attendant (CPA). He wished all a prosperous 2022 adding that he is thanking all on behalf of Board of Directors of the company more especially for the biggest sacrifices they are making citing how even during the past holidays, when others were having breaks, they the Station Managers and Pump Attendants were busy serving members of the public, for which they should commend themselves.

“Because of your relevance to the company and the nation as a whole we decided to empower you so that you will become more efficient in your service delivery,” he underscored and went on to give a synopsis of how the company was established by 35 Sierra Leoneans who used their end of service benefits to set up the business entity. “Today NP is in Guinea, Liberia, Ivory Coast and The Gambia functioning on a good footing,” the result oriented CPA stated with pride.

He continued by telling the Station Managers and Pump Attendants that in real sense they are not selling petroleum products but rather the NP Experience. Kobi Walker emphasized that the manner in which customers are treated politely and with respect encompasses the NP Experience maintaining that such go a long way in endearing customers if such are rolled out well. He appealed to them to work together with one goal in mind as well as to respect the rules, further admonishing them to refrain from doing things bordering on dishonesty. He ended up telling them how towards the end of the programmes they will issue out Certificates to them after which all will socialize.

Launching of a Safety Campaign was done by the Finance and Accounts Manager of NP-SL Ltd, Saidu Mansaray. After safety tips were given by Saffia Gbanmanja, bordering on how Station Managers and Pump Attendants should uphold the dos and don’ts at Filling Stations, Saidu Mansaray told all that safety begins with individual selves adding that where safety consciousness is high there is bound to be fewer accidents. Saidu, therefore, called on all the Station Managers and Pump Attendants to always endeavour to enhance safety standards within their various Filling Stations. He then officially launched the Safety Campaign and appealed to all present to be safety conscious and spread safety messages even within their communities and homes.

The launch was followed by a short video clip, put together by NP-SL Ltd, displaying or depicting what to do in order to avert fire accidents at Filling Stations and communities. It was stated that the video clip is currently running as jingles on major electronic media platforms, radio and television as well as on Social Media platforms.

Highpoints of both occasions were the distribution of Certificates and prizes/gifts to all those who participated during the training sessions. Special prizes were also awarded to various Station Managers based on merit as for neatness of their Filling Stations, punctuality etc. That was followed by party sessions throughout.


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