Job Booster Sierra Leone Trains Salon Workers

Team Lead of Job Booster-Sierra Leone, Mariama Khai Fornah addressing participants

By Foday Moriba Conteh

As part of their commitment to avail competitive employment services to businesses and ‘unwillingly’ unemployed and trainable young people in the country, Job Booster-Sierra Leone, a Consortium, comprising the Evangelical Fellowship of Sierra Leone, Cotton Tree Foundation and Woord En Daad has on Thursday 3rd September, 2020 trained Salon workers on Job Ethics, Traits of Entrepreneur, Record Keeping etc. as part of their Salon Project. The training took place at REAPS Vocational Training Institute on AJ Momoh Street, Tower Hill in Freetown.

In his address, Team Lead of Job Booster-Sierra Leone, Mariama Khai Fornah disclosed that the training is geared towards empowering their Salon project beneficiaries with the requite skills they need in order to operate in their different salons which will increase their efficiency, adding that they realized that for the project to become successful they need to train these beneficiaries on job ethics and other skills which will help them greatly in their daily working routine.

She added that with this training it will also help them to be sustainable in their job as it covers Job Ethics, Traits of Entrepreneur, Record keeping etc.  According to her if these beneficiaries uphold all these values it will help them to not only build and expand their salons but also they will be able to render quality services to their customers.

She said her organization was set up to contribute in the area of improving and enhancing (self-) employment of youths in Sierra Leone also adding that the Job Booster SL consortium came into being out of the need to help trainable unemployed youth to gain decent jobs in order to become self-reliant.

She encouraged beneficiaries to make good use of the training they have received in order to develop their businesses and make every opportunity count in their lives also disclosing that as Salon Owners they should ensure that their customers matter as well as treat them with respect.

In his presentation on the topic Job Ethics, Musa Khalil-Koroma said that Job Ethics will help them to know how to start practicing the most relevant job ethics for them as salon workers, adding that Job Ethics are moral principles, values and rules that guide their work behavior to produce high quality work consistently.

Underscoring the importance of job ethics, he said it will lead to business growth and success and they will be also become preferences and distinguished from others. He added that it will also make them different, exceptional, outstanding and unique which will contribute to the successes of their businesses.

He admonished them to treat the training they have received with utmost respect and implement it at their work placed, which according to him will create impact on their businesses.

Alex Thomas, Principal of REAPS Vocational Training Institute, who also facilitated on the topic “Traits of An Entrepreneur”, disclosed that as Entrepreneurs they should pursue hard work, adding that being an entrepreneur means they must start working fresh when others in the team have given up.

He also encouraged them as salon workers to be morally, legally and mentally accountable for their business and put their customers’ interests first rather than self-interests.

One of the beneficiaries, Mary Lynch, Proprietress of Mary Lynch Beauty Parlor, expressed appreciation to Job Booster Sierra Leone for the training which she described as not only important but timely to enhance their efficiency.

She added that with the training she has received she is of the strong conviction that it will create a huge impact on her business and will also ensure that the knowledge she has acquired will be passed on to her subordinates.

Musa Khalil-Koroma facilitating Job Ethics Session
Cross Section of Salon Workers present at the Training



  1. Job Booster Sierra Leone thanks for your effort I hope such act will create a great impact for the betterment of our beloved Mama Salone and also I hope you will continue to do that as workers in Sierra Leone needs such


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