John Shallop, President of Hospitality Association Showcases Sierra Leone in Spain

By Amin Kef Sesay

John Shallop, President of  the Sierra Leone Association of Hospitality (SLAH), has showcased the country’s hospitality in one of the biggest tourism exhibitions in the world held from 19th – 23rd January, 2022 in Madrid, Spain.

President Shallop catalogued the touristic attractions across the country to potential tourists and exhibited his astute marketing skills when he engaged investors, hotel owners, airliners and others, assuring them of Sierra Leone’s hospitality and maximum national security.

He stated that Sierra Leone’s tourism industry enjoyed increased admiration and visibility after the New York Times Magazine wrote an article about the country being one of the best tourist destinations in 2020.

“Sierra Leone is on the map, we just need to continue marketing our tourism industry’s potentials. The private sector stands together under the association to help market the country as one of the best tourist destinations in the world,” he asserted.

He further expressed gratitude to the Ministry of Tourism and National Tourist Board (NTB) for bringing SLAH onboard to sell the country’s hospitality at the prestigious trade fair as the private sector join the rebranding and promotion process, through the World Bank Economic Diversification Project.

Tourism is classified as one of the leading growth sectors for economies around the world and Sierra Leone is not an exception; therefore, to attain these deliverables, it is essential to partner and collaborate with the private sector, to reach the source markets that will benefit both the Government and the private sector.

The Sierra Leone Hospitality Association (SLHA) headed by John Shallop ,the current President ,has served for almost two years since it was established.

He averred by stating that the Hospitality association is a great way for hoteliers to network and stay connected to industry influencers.

The Hospitality Association is set to provide educational resources, joining  the Board to  conduct trade shows ,events and advocate on behalf of  its members.

John Shallop informed that hotels will have access to exclusive business services that will reach the Association now and the future.

In a snap interview with this medium he stated: ” The Hospitality Association was founded and established in recognition of the industry need for competent, unbiased advice, professional guidance and sound judgment on the many diversified challenges encountered in the hotel and hospitality industry in Sierra Leone.”

He further said: “The Association believes that by clearly recognizing the hotel operations function as a profession and by genuinely harnessing the collective knowledge, expertise and experiences of those engaged in hotel operations, the quality of service delivery to the industry will be greatly enhanced, with sound delivery at all levels.

He emphasized that Members of the Association have demonstrated their integrity and are qualified by their experiences, training and knowledge to develop and express sound judgment on issues in the hotel industry.

Shallop concluded by thanking the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs, the National Tourism Board  and more especially the World Bank-Economic Diversification Program for extending  supports through the Government agencies.

“We are expecting more healthy collaboration in the future towards the sector,” he concluded.


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