Kamarainba’s Lawyers Cross-Examine Detective Sergeant Sesay

Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray

By Foday Moriba Conteh

On the 21st September 2020 Defence Lawyers representing Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray in the ongoing sexual penetration allegation continued their cross-examinations of Detective Sergeant 13168 Ibrahim Khalid Sesay, who it was learnt was part of the team that investigated the allegation against their client.

At the High Court presided over by Justice Samuel O. Taylor Lawyer Amadu Koroma put it to the witness that before the matter was reported to the Police, the alleged victim never told anyone that the 1st accused person had sexually abused her.

In his response, the witness said the victim complained to her relatives including her father and aunty, which culminated in the matter being reported to the Police.

Lawyer Koroma also put it to the witness that when the 1st accused was invited to the Police Station his cell phones were taken away from him to which the witness answered in the affirmative, adding that the phones were taken as he was about to be detained.

The witness continued that on the 21st of July, the 1st accused reported to the Police and said in his statement that he bought two phones at the request of the 2nd accused, who received the phones directly.

Lawyer Koroma added that the charges against his client were been ‘‘framed up’’ in order to keep him silent as a political figure, and that the Police used the alleged victim as a point of contact to tarnish his client’s good image.

In his reply the witness said he was not aware of any framed up charges and that the 1st accused voluntarily handed himself over to the Police during which he also denied having any sexual intercourse with the alleged victim when the allegations were put to him.

Under cross-examination by lawyer J. M. Jengo on behalf of the 2nd accused, the witness said when duty calls for him as a Police Officer to testify in court in respect of any matter, he will read through such files but had not done so in respect of the ongoing trial, stressing that he had conferences with the Prosecutor.

He continued that he was only in court to testify about what he did during the course of the investigation.

Also led in evidence by State Prosecutor, Umu Sumaray, Detective Police Inspector, Joseph Saio Kamara, attached to the Sexual Assault Syndicate of the Family Support Unit, CID Headquarters, recognized the accused persons and said he knew the victim.

He recalled that on the 23rd July 2020, he was on duty together with Detective Inspector Lansana Tawarally and others when he received instruction from the Head of the FSU, Detective Superintendent Fatmata Daboh Kamara, through Detective Inspector Lansana Tawarally to arrest the 2nd accused and her husband for the alleged offence of conspiracy to commit a felony in respect of sexual penetration of a child.

He said they left the station to effect the arrest of the 2nd accused at Wilkinson Road, followed by an interview for the alleged offence of conspiracy to commit a felony in respect of sexual penetration of a child. He added that the 2nd accused was cautioned and questioned and consequently detained.

The matter was adjourned to the 28th September, 2020.


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