Lands Minister Sternly Warns Against Land Grabbing

Dr Turad Senesie Hailed by MPs for Clarifying Land Commission Bill
Minister of Lands, Housing and Country Planning, Dr Turad Senesie

By Amin Kef Sesay

During the Weekly Government Press Briefing in the Conference Room of the Ministry of Information and Communications on the 29th July 2021, the Minister of Lands, Housing and Country Planning, Dr Turad Senesie, dilated on the importance of Housing Planning.

He commented on how beach fronts have been damaged and land grabbing has become the order of the day determinedly stating that under his watch those anomalies will be tackled as well as sending a strong message that those that involved in land grabbing should desist forthwith as it is “bad business.”

Dr. Senesie intimated newsmen that there are plans to be implemented within the purview of providing affordable housing maintaining that there are various investors who are interested in that sector.

He mentioned HARBASS, ENSE Group Ltd as an American company based in Washington that intends to invest in housing in Sierra Leone revealing how they plan to build 10,000 housing units in Sierra Leone – 6000 in Freetown and 4000 in the provinces.

“JL Properties, another company that invests in real estate development and are located in Ghana also propose to build houses in degraded lands or brownfields,” he furthered adding that another massive company that has registered interest in the housing sector is TAF Global Africa that plans to build a SMART CITY of 15,000 housing units.

In one of our recent publications we ran a story which stated that the Minister of Lands was in The Gambia to engage the leadership of that country to facilitate the investment by TAF Global Africa in the area of investing in affordable housing in the country.

The Minister highlighted that the benefits of these projects are enormous in terms of job creation, taxes paid to Government and also providing affordable houses for Sierra Leoneans.

Climax of the briefing was the Minister’s reiteration of the Ministry’s zero-tolerance to land grabbing firmly warning land grabbers to desist.


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