Lands Minster’s Dilates on His Observation of the Lockdown 


    By Fatmata Jengbe

    The Minister of Lands, Hon. Dr Dennis Sandy, has explained to this Press on the 8th April  2020 his sterling observation on the 3 days lockdown in which citizens all over the country were required by law to stay three days at home as a way to contain the spread of the Corona plague that has taken root all over the world taking many lives in almost every country.

    Dr. Sandy who operates on the mantra of “positive aggression”, said that from his observation citizens all over the country are consciously aware of the seriousness of the Coronavirus and they therefore adhered to the strict rules of the lockdown by staying home all the three days without them engaging in any business activity.

    Dr. Sandy highly commended the security sector for its resilience in enforcing the rules of the lockdown which prohibits the movements of citizens except for those that are permitted to for various reasons including those in the Health Sector and Contact Tracers who have major roles to play during the lockdown.

    Dr. Sandy observes that many areas in the City of Freetown faced challenges with water which though highly needed during this Corona era, happens to be  in short supply.

    Dr Sandy commended the people of Sierra Leone whom he said are law abiding. Positive aggression, Dr Sandy said in conclusion, always yields good fruits. Meanwhile Day 3 of the General lockdown saw the Minister of Water Resources, Mr P K Lansana joining Dr Sandy in his observation trips.

    Since water supply was an issue during the first two days of the 3 days lockdown, the joint trip was just necessary as the two Ministers were able to quell some incidents over water that could have flared up into something else.

    Together the two Ministers succeeded in making sure that water got where it was needed most.


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