Malador Associates Commissions New Filling Station, Commends NP-SL Support

By Amin Kef (Ranger)

Malador Associates, on Thursday 17th August, 2023 commissioned a state of the art Filling Station at Rokel, one of the fastest growing communities in the Western Rural District of Sierra Leone, during a very auspicious and memorable event.

Gracing the event were esteemed personalities including the Chief Imam of the Fullah Central Mosque in Freetown, Alhaji Amadu Barrie, who presided over the ceremony, the Fullah Tribal Chief, Alhaji Med Saj Jalloh, the Chief Executive Officer of Malador Associates, Alieu Malador, representatives of other petroleum marketing entities, family members, community residents and well wishers.

In his statement, the Chief Executive Officer of Malador Associates, Alieu Malador, profusely gratitude to the ruling Government, under the leadership of His Excellency, President Julius Maada Bio for its ongoing support to Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) operating in the country. He highlighted and commended the incisive role that the Government is playing in fostering a favorable environment not only for the congenial operations of petroleum marketing entities but for creating the space and latitude for the petroleum industry and sector to expand nationwide.

“We remain hopeful that further steps will be taken to enhance private sector involvement thereby fueling economic growth,” the Chief Executive Officer optimistically stated an expressed sentiment that echoes the broader aspiration among private sector entities in Sierra Leone . He further emphasized the potential and importance of collaborative efforts in driving national prosperity.

The ambitious and result-oriented Chief Executive Officer further expressed sincere and profound thanks and appreciation to the Group Chairman of NP (SL) Ltd, Ing Alhaji Mohamed Babatunde Cole, for his unwavering support throughout the years maintaining how his support has been playing pivotal roles in advancing the objectives and aspirations of Malador Associates.

He also recognized the vital contributions made to Malador Associates by  NP-SL Ltd  and CONEX in supporting the marketing entity ‘s endeavors as well as for contributing to their overall growth and stability.

The Chief Imam of Fullah Central Mosque, Alhaji Amadu Barrie, on his part, shared incidents of the enduring relationship he had with Alhaji Issa Malador, the late father of Alieu Malador. He highly commended Alieu Malador for continuing his father’s legacy of undertaking and executing positive initiatives that are contributing to societal well-being.

Alhaji Med Saj Jalloh, the Fullah Tribal Chief, expressed his appreciation for Malador’s dedication to national development and lauded him for his efforts in generating employment opportunities and fostering progress within Sierra Leone.

Climaxing the ceremony were recitations from the Quran and prayers offered for the prosperity and success of Malador Associates’ new venture.

The support and dedication of  the Management and Staff of Malador Associates’ were also acknowledged as well as recognizing the significant roles played by pump attendants, tanker drivers, cleaners and security guards in the company’s operations.

Noteworthy is that Malador Associates’ newly inaugurated Filling Station stands as a testament to the collaborative efforts of private enterprises, Governmental support, and community involvement. With the evolution of Sierra Leone’s petroleum industry, the new Filling Station symbolizes a step forward in achieving sustainable economic growth and national development.


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