Media Team Eulogizes Ambassador Anthony Navo Jr

By Amin Kef Sesay

The Media Team of Ambassador Anthony Navo Jr has expressed profound thanks and appreciation to all those who have asked many questions, sent kind sentiments and testimonies about Ambassador Anthony Navo, Jr. (Junior Navo) and Africa Young Voices Media Empire (AYV).

It continued that in a country where the great strides of Ambassador Anthony Navo Jr have touched many lives and communities they want to use this platform for all to be part of Ambassador’s journey so far as a young entrepreneur, philanthropist, humanitarian and an acclaimed media owner.

In answering the question who is Ambassador Anthony Navo, Jr. the Media Team disclosed that he is currently the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Africa Young Voices (AYV) Media Empire, Chairman of All Works of Life (AWOL), Chairman of East End Lions F.C. and Council Member of the Sierra Leone Chamber of Commerce.

The Team furthered that he is also the Proprietor of Navo’s Group of companies, a conglomerate of electronic business, foreign exchange bureau and importation of milk from the Netherlands.

According to what was stated, Ambassador Anthony Navo, Jr was born at Fourah Bay, Freetown, in a devout Muslim family and he has always described his mother Fatmata Badara Navo (Nee Thorpe), as his guiding angel while his father, Anthony Navo, as the embodiment of inspiration.

From both his mother and father, he acquired his values in life: honesty, compassion, hard work, integrity and commitment to national service, the Team intimated.

“Navo, Jr. started his academic sojourn at the St. Philips Primary School and later attended the Prince of Wales Secondary School. His passion for business was crystalized after he attained a BA (Hons) in Business Management from the University of Essex in the United Kingdom,” it was also disclosed.

As a loving husband, stated the Team, Amb Navo, Jr. is married to Mrs. Haja Navo who is a lawyer in the United Kingdom and he is an adoring father of three sons: Abdulai, Amjid and Ayaan adding that for Ambassador Navo, he has always put his family at the heart of his success.

“Amb Navo, Jr. is the recipient of the Most Credible Africans Award; Man of the Year Award from the Women’s Group – Sisters Choice; Lifetime Achievement Award from National Entertainment, Most Influential Person of the Year – Sierra Leone, and host of others,” the Media Team informed.

With regards his passion for business members of the team maintained that  in a country where many young people have skills and talents for entrepreneurship, but with little or no opportunities, Amb Navo Jr. started with only a leap of faith.

“With hard work, commitment and overcoming personal challenges, he started off with establishing a foreign exchange bureau in London helping the Sierra Leone Community in London to support relatives and friends in Sierra Leone,” they furthered.

It was relayed that after creating jobs for young people in London, in 2001 his commitment to nation building after the war motivated him to return to Sierra Leone.

“For almost two decades since his return, Amb. Navo Jr. has created a consortium of business ventures described as Navo’s Group of Companies dealing in electronics business, foreign exchange bureau, and importation of milk from Netherlands and perhaps the largest investment in media and entertainment industry at the AYV Media Empire,” they recounted some of his achievements.

The Team pointed out that through these various investments, Ambassador Anthony Navo Jr., over the years has created thousands of jobs for Sierra Leoneans, made huge contributions to the national revenue mobilization through payment of taxes and has been a strong pillar in the private sector as a Council Member of the Sierra Leone Chamber of Commerce.

Dilating on the establishment of the AYV Media Empire the Media Team revealed that the ambition to establish the AYV Media Empire started as a dream Ambassador Anthony Navo Jr  shared with friends and family members yet everyone asked: “How is it going to be possible when he doesn’t have the financial strength to make such huge investment?”

They furthered that, however, for Amb Navo Jr., his dream of creating a Media Empire was never going to die.

It was disclosed how he started with a newspaper and later used his private house as collateral to secure a loan of $1.2 million United States dollars from the Bank.

They said that loan provided the necessary funds for the purchasing of global standard equipment for setting up the television and radio stations and covering initial operations.

“Over the years, Amb. Navo Jr. has invested single-handedly over $10 million United States dollars in AYV Media Empire with the recent construction of a multi -million dollar complex hosting the Housemates – Salone Season-2,” they also disclosed.

According to them, from a small project, which started with a newspaper and 19 staff, today AYV Media Empire is the largest private media investment in Sierra Leone comprising newspaper, printing press (machines), film production, television stations, radio station and employing over 700 Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad.

They affirmed that it is the only Sierra Leonean owned television station with a broadcasting house in London furthering how as part of its international portfolio, in March 22nd 2019, the AYV Media Empire announced a new partnership with the World Service Programme of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), in London.

The Media Team attested that empowering young people has always been the guiding motivation of Amb. Navo Jr.

“Over the years, he has worked with and supported many talented and celebrated Sierra Leonean artists during their early years of their music careers,” it was stated by the Media Team adding that presently, he continues to create more opportunities for artists through partnerships, supporting music shows and promoting Sierra Leonean Music through the AYV TV Entertainment Channel and through the AYV films. Ambassador Anthony Navo, Jr. has invested in supporting Sierra Leonean filmmakers, actors and actresses in Sierra Leone and across Africa,” they stated with pride.

The Team stated that he has produced one of the best movies Sierra Leone and the continent should be proud of –“NEXT PRESIDENT”. That movie, according to them, featured local and international stars in the film industries in Sierra Leone and Nigeria.

“For Ambassador Anthony Navo Jr., he passionately believes that if other African nationals can invest and make a difference in their countries, Sierra Leoneans can and must also invest to empower young people, which will in turn create jobs and promote talents,” it was stated.

The Ambassador Anthony Navo Jr. Media Team said unfortunately, as is known, COVID-19 is having a significant impact across the globe.

It was stated by the Media Team that they continue to maintain their investment to deliver great service to the public at the AYV Media Empire, but are also experiencing production challenges with “Caught on Camera” and the ‘’Cypher Uncensored Show’’ as a result of the COVID -19 restrictions.

However, they assured that if you are a fan of those programmes, don’t be worry as they will resume shortly after the COVID-19.

Talking about Ambassador Anthony Navo’s passion for entertainment shows, the Media Team said he started when he used to watch many TV entertainment programmes in London and across other TV channels in Africa.

According to them the question has always been for him: why not in Sierra Leone?

It was stated that the maiden programme of “Big Sister” Sierra Leone was a great partnership with ZedZee Multi-Media Consult and Africell – Sierra Leone.

“Together, we took Reality TV show to the homes of many Sierra Leoneans and captured the attention of the country but before that Ambassador Anthony Navo Jr. had a great history of working together with many private companies and organizations,” the Team pointed out.

Giving an instance, reference was made to 2018 when the AYV Media Empire collaborated with the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists to host the first successful national debate for presidential candidates in the 2018 elections.

They said it was successful and they look forward to such collaboration in future with SLAJ.

The Media Team also extended thanks to ZedZee Multimedia Consult for the great partnership in the maiden “Big Sister” show.

“Ambassador Anthony Navo Jr wants to assure all entertainment companies that AYV Media Empire stands ready to collaborate, promote and support all Sierra Leoneans in the entertainment industry,” he stated.

They asked the question : “Why “Housemates – Salone”?

The Team said like any partnership in entertainment, there are always challenges and we must respect people for their personal choices in life. More importantly,

It was revealed that AYV Media Empire also received a correspondence from an international firm challenging the legality of the use of the name “Big Sister” in Sierra Leone among other things.

“We sought legal opinion from our lawyers and we were advised appropriately. However, despite this international legal challenge, AYV Media Empire wanted to continue in creating the platform for young people to showcase their talents and provide an entertainment show of an international standard. We wanted it to be a unique Sierra Leonean reality TV show and named it “Housemates Salone” ,the question was answered.

They said the new project allowed Ambassador Anthony Navo Jr to invest in the construction of a new building and installation of media equipment running to the tune of millions of United States dollars.

“This new building consists of seven stories and has an Amphitheatre, three studios for production, car park holding over 500 cars, an ultra- modern swimming pool and luxury rooms for the accommodation of crew members and guests,” it was disclosed by the Media Team and added how the complex can be used for meetings, shows, presentations and corporate hospitality.

“This will provide another infrastructure for entertainment companies to host their shows, for artists to organize performances and the general public to organize social programmes,” it was stated.

Based on what the Media Team disclosed, the new building is located at Wesley Street, Tower Hill and currently hosting the “Housemate Salone – 2020”.

They said for Ambassador Anthony Navo Jr, every project, show or investment in Sierra Leone the guiding principle is: how will this benefit people in the entertainment industry and improve the profile of Sierra Leone?

The Team also expressed gratitude for the long-standing partnership with Africell – Sierra Leone over the many years.

In a message of unity and partnership by Ambassador Anthony Navo Jr,  he said  we have a small population of a little over 7 million people and that less than the estimated number of people in the entertainment industry in Nigeria.

He said it means all those who work in the entertainment industry must see themselves as belonging to a family stating how they may not always see things the same way or believe in the same ideals but must always support one another to promote talents.

“We must promote healthy competition because it should provide choice for the public,” Ambassador Anthony Navo Jr admonished.

He said whether in music, filming or reality TV shows, healthy competition also helps to learn on how all can transform the entertainment industry by improving quality and service for the public.

“At AYV Media Empire, we are not in competition with anyone because it is our hope that other television stations will give equal opportunities to entertainment companies and artists to promote their shows and programmes,” he maintained.

Ambassador Anthony Navo Jr said just as they work hard to succeed as a media and entertainment company, they also want other entertainment companies to succeed because if they do it is better for Sierra Leone and create more opportunities for young people.

Addressing fans who promote artists or shows against the other, he said they can still do so by engaging in civil, courteous and constructive dialogue or conversations.

“Entertainment is not a life or death matter rather it is about entertaining the people in an atmosphere of fun, love and peace, so as fans and supporters you can all make a promise to stop abusing one another and stop the unnecessary and unhealthy competition,” he further advised appealing for them to spread love and not hate as well as spread unity and not disunity; promote healthy competition and not sabotage.

“For members of the public whether you watch the two shows on different television sets or one show on your television set and the other on your mobile phone, you must be proud that they are both Sierra Leonean shows promoting Sierra Leonean talents,” Ambassador Anthony Navo Jr stated underscoring that he and AYV Media Empire remain committed to partner with other institutions and want to extend their best wishes to the “Big sister – Season 2 and other entertainment shows.

“We only have one Sierra Leone,” he reminded all.


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