Mercury Dishes Le 8.7M   to   Lucky Football Betting Customers

By Amin Kef Sesay

It was indeed a memorable day for Mercury International sports betting customers, as on the 13th September  2021, the company made an enormous payout, totaling Eight Billion, Seven Hundred and Thirty-One Million, Three Hundred and Seventeen Thousand, Eight Hundred and Fifty-Three Leones (Le 8,731,317,853) to the delight of Thirty-One Thousand, One Hundred and Thirteen (31,113) customers.

Just like the back-to-back winnings in the opening weekends of the 2021/22 top European football league season, this past weekend was another joyful moment for the sports betting customers, who delightedly cued at the company’s Walpole Street office to collect their bumpy cash.

The Mega List continues to bring smile to the faces of Mercury International football betting customers, as it produced another big and massive winning, as Set 21433 saw a total of Seven Billion, Five-Twenty-Seven Million, Twenty-Seven Thousand, Two Hundred and Twenty Leones (Le 7,527,027,220), the Long List Set 16566 followed with a total of Three Hundred and Forty-Nine Million, Seven Hundred and Thirty-Two Thousand, Four Hundred and Eight-Seven (Le 349,732,487).

September Month is seen to be greeted with a continuation of massive winnings and the highest of three successive winnings, running from last August, as the Company on Wednesday, August 25 2021 made a total payout of Three Billion, Forty-Six Million, Five Hundred and Five Thousand, Six Hundred and Ninety-One Leones (Le 3,046,505,691) for football betting to over Eleven Thousand, Six Hundred and Seventy-Five (11,675) customers.

Responding to the joyous mood of the lucky winners, the company’s Managing Director, Martin E. Michael, who jetted from his long vacation further expressed delight for the massive winnings of over thirty one thousand customers from across the country.

“What a way to welcome me home by our valued and lucky customers who have become millionaires by simply playing our football betting product on the red box and online,” Martin Michael stated.

The MD assured the public that every genuine winner is going to receive his or her money, and further encouraged other people who are yet to patronize with the different products of Mercury International, to grab the opportunities of becoming the next Millionaires.

Meanwhile, the opening weekend of the 2021/22 top European football league season also sighted a dazzling moment for sports betting customers, as the Bonus King and the country’s leading Sports Betting and Lottery Company, on Monday 16th August, made a banging payout, totaling Three Billion, Five Hundred and Sixty-Eight Million, Two Hundred and Fifty-Seven Thousand, Four Hundred and Sixty-Five Leones (Le 3,568,257,465) in football betting, leaving a total of Twelve Thousand, Five Hundred and Eighty-Seven (12,587) customers in a euphoric mood.

The following weekend, August 21st 2021, another big win from the Mega List Set 21425 produced a total of Two Billion, Fifty-Nine Million, Five Hundred and Sixty Thousand, One Hundred and Three Leones (Le 2,059,560,103), whiles Saturday’s Long List Set 16531 followed with a massive Five Hundred and Fifty-Three Million, Seven Hundred and Twenty-One Thousand, Five Hundred and Seven Leones (Le 553,721,507).


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