Milla Group Places High Premium on the Health & Safety of Employees

Milla Group (SL) Limited ranks high among manufacturing companies in the country that places premium on the health and safety of its employees by always ensuring that they work in an environment that is devoid of hazards and risks that could be injurious to the health of workers.

The company has been widely acclaimed for its effective implementation of  safety standards that have kept its employees safe from any major accident or from contracting any disease while performing their respective duties.

“We value the health of our employees which is why we are providing the necessary equipment and resources to keep them healthy. It is only when they are in good health they could able to work productively for the company,” says Samuel Smith, Senior Health and Safety Officer.

“We take responsibility for the health and safety of our staff and we make timely interventions when they face health challenges,” he further revealed.

Employees of Milla Group commended the Management of the company for the role it played before and after the loss of  two of their colleagues: Alie Bangura and a Senior Driver – Gibrilla Conteh.

They unanimously accepted that despite the intervention and good efforts made by the company to protect their lives and keep them healthy, however, it was the Will of God that they could no longer survive.

From what this medium learnt, the company established a health clinic within its Kissy Headquarters to handle minor cases and make referrals on major ones. Also, understood was that the company is in an arrangement with Shuman Hospital at Shell, New Road, Kissy, for the provision of medical treatment for major health complications, as confirmed by the Senior Health and Safety Officer.

Alie Bangura, one of the company’s hardworking staff died recently and was buried by relatives in Makeni after it was confirmed that his death was as a result of infighting within his family for a house left by his late father. Bangura had complained about his health problems about six months ago, which warranted the company’s immediate intervention. He was admitted at the Shuman Hospital for a while and after realizing that there was no improvement he decided to try the native way in the provinces. He was supported by the company again with cash to support his native treatment. He returned to Freetown after all efforts made by traditional healers to restore his normal health failed. The late Bangura who had been receiving his full monthly salary all this while requested the company to help him repeat the treatment he had earlier received at the Shuman Hospital. The company, according to family members, horridly prepared a vehicle to take him to the hospital, but all efforts failed as he gave up the ghost on the way to the hospital. The remains were first taken to his family house at Philip Street, Wellington before it was later escorted in an ambulance by two staff of Milla Group for a dignified burial upcountry.

The death of a Senior Driver, Gibrilla Conteh was a result of a stone in the heart that was diagnosed at the Choithram Memorial Hospital after a series of tests were done. The late Conteh who was later admitted at the Connaught Hospital died naturally after all efforts were made by the company to restore his health.

The staff of Milla Group and relatives of the late workers were extremely thankful to the Management of the Company for the financial resources and other material support rendered before and after their death. “We pledge our commitment to serve the company diligently and we want to assure our Managers that we will work hard and protect the company at all times,” they assured.

Milla Group Limited is a custom manufacturer of best plastic products and solutions for household and business purposes. Since 2001, Milla Group has aimed at delivering  end-to-end solutions to its customers. It handles everything from the procurement of raw materials, shipment logistics, clearing and inventory control, manufacturing, wholesale delivery, and finally retail point of sale. In total, Milla has five production areas: injection moulding, roto moulding, blow moulding, film extrusion, and PVC extrusion. It procures its machines from industry leaders and since its inception, it has built up the largest production capacity for plastic items in Sierra Leone. The company has the ability to customize solutions as per its clients’ requirements. It also provides private label opportunities in some categories. The company has employed hundreds of Sierra Leoneans and has continued to support the country’s economic development.


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