Milton Margai Alumni USA Hails Prof. Philip John Kanu for Reforms at 4th Annual Meet & Greet Event

By Alpha Good Kamara

The Milton Margai Alumni USA Chapter held its 4th Annual Meet and Greet event, on the 18th August, 2023 in Maryland, USA, which drew alumni from across the United States and beyond during which the Vice-Chancellor of Milton Margai Technical University, Prof. Philip John Kanu, was lauded and honored for his remarkable reforms within the institution.

This year’s Meet and Greet, a customary event for alumni to reconnect and reminisce about their student experiences, deviated from tradition by inviting Prof. Kanu as the keynote speaker. His inclusion aimed to provide insight into the University’s current standing and progress. The alumni extended their appreciation to Prof. Kanu for his exemplary leadership, which encompassed elevating academic standards, fostering infrastructural development, and elevating the institution’s status to that of a Technical University.

Expressing their commitment to further collaborate with the administration, the alumni pledged to support the university’s growth trajectory. They hailed Prof. Kanu’s leadership as an integral part of their institution’s success. Currently in the United States, Prof. Kanu is actively pursuing collaborations with other educational institutions to enhance staff expertise, facilitate scholarships, and offer virtual lectures.

In his keynote address, Prof. Kanu emphasized the significance of the Meet and Greet, emphasizing that the event served as a unifying platform and an opportunity to revitalize cherished memories. He regarded the occasion as momentous not only for himself but also for the institution he leads. Prof. Kanu expressed gratitude for the recognition bestowed upon him by the alumni and assured them of his unwavering dedication.

During his address, Prof. Kanu recounted the institution’s journey to its current status as a Technical University. He underlined the transformative path the institution undertook and reiterated his resolute commitment to steering the university toward success.

Prof. Kanu also addressed instances of misconduct within the institution, such as unethical academic practices and absenteeism among staff. He issued a stern warning that his administration would rigorously address any deviations from ethical conduct. He shared the university’s five-pronged objectives, including a plan to decentralize education, aligning with the national vision to bolster middle-level manpower and human capital development.

In recognition of Prof. Kanu’s unwavering contributions, the Alumni adorned him and his family with accolades, acknowledging their dedication to the university’s advancement.

The event culminated with a rendition of the university anthem, accompanied by celebratory festivities. The annual gathering not only celebrated alumni connections but also highlighted the transformative leadership that continues to shape the future of Milton Margai Technical University.


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